How to set Active hours in Windows 11 to Schedule Update Restart

Windows update is a feature which downloads the latest windows updates and installs it on your system and maintains your system up-to-date unless you have manually set it to pause for specific number of weeks. For the performance of the system, it is always better to keep the windows updated by time to time which it does automatically and after the installation, the system needs to be restarted. If it gets restarted during the working hours, then your work will definitely get disturbed. So there is an option called active hours in the windows that will avoid the system restart during those hours mentioned. You can manually change the active hours according to your requirement. Let us see in this article how to change the active hours in order to stop system restart after windows update gets installed.

How to Change Active hours to Stop System Restart after Windows Update Installation

Step 1: Open Settings app

Press Win key on your keyboard and type settings.

Hit Enter key.


Simply Press Win + I keys together on your keyboard.


Open Settings From Windows Search Win11 11zon


Step 2: In the Settings page

Go to Windows Update > Advanced Options.

In the Advanced Options page, Look for Active hours option.

Click on Active hours as shown below.


Active Hours


Step 3: In the Dropdown section

Click Automatically in the Adjust active hours option.


Adjust Active Hours Automatically Win11

Step 4: Select Manually from the dropdown list of Adjust active hours option.

Select Manually Adjust Active Hours Win11

Step 5: In the section below Adjust active hours

Click on Start timeĀ and Select the appropriate working hours where automatic system restart is not allowed.

Do the same for End time also.

Set Start And End Time For Active Hours Win11

This will set the active hours and system will not be restarted during those hours mentioned by you in the adjust active hours option.

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