How to Manually Set Date and Time Zone on Windows 11 PC

Do you know that some applications that run on windows operating system, gets affected if date and time zone are not correct and also any update release is not notified to your system because of date and time issue. Therefore, it is good to sync the system to windows time server, but this needs a stable internet connection all the time. If you are located in a place where there is lack of internet signal, then you might need to manually set the date and time before before using any application or so. In this article, we are going to show you how you can manually set the date and time zone on your windows 11 system.

Steps to follow to Manually Set Date and Time zone

Step 1: Open Date & time page

Right-Click on the date and time on the system tray in taskbar at the right most corner.

Then, Select Adjust date and time from the context menu.

Adjust Date And Time Settings Win11

Step 2: In the Date & time page

Please click on “Set time automatically” toggle button to turn it off.

Note:- If it is already off, leave it as is.

Then, Click Change to set the date and time manually as shown in the below screenshot.


Set Date And Time Manually Win11

Step 3: In the Change date and time window

Set today’s date and time by clicking Date and Time fields as shown below.

To apply, Click Change button in the window.

Change Date And Time Win11

This will manually set the date and time on your system and you can now proceed with your work.

That’s it guys!

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