15 Best RSS Readers for Windows

If you are an avid follower of news, software updates, blogs, and love to gather information from newsletters or websites, having an RSS Reader makes life easier. Finding information manually can be time consuming, and so, a good RSS reader does the job for you. RSS or Rich Site Summary serve as

The readers add your preferred content to the feed from where you can read them directly. RSS readers feature powerful search functions and some great custom organization functionalities. Best of all, most of these feed aggregators are free for Windows. We have compiled a smart list of some of the best RSS readers for Windows just for you. Take a look.




Feedly Min

Feedly is by far the most popular RSS feeder for the web. Apart from an attractive interface that adds images enhancing the reader experience, it also offers a more valuable experience comparatively by keeping you updated with your favorite YouTube channels, blogs, and publications.

While the basic edition of Feedly is free to download, you can also upgrade to the paid version to unlock other advanced features. The basic version includes the features like ability to add up to 100 sources, three feeds, and three boards. It is compatible with Windows and Mac, and also with smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS.

Price: Free version available; Upgrade available for $5/mo or $45/yr

Omea Reader

Omea Reader Rss Min

Omea Reader is another free RSS reader that’s among the most popular in the list. This news feed aggregator helps you stay updated with latest RSS feeds, web bookmarks, or NNTP news effortlessly that’s carefully designed to suit your reading pattern and organizing skills.

It also allows its readers to use the search folders, workspaces, categories, and annotations to neatly arrange information, while it lest you enjoy the quick desktop search.

Price: Free

Nextgen Reader

Sdsdds Min

Promoted as the fastest RSS reader for Windows 8 and above, and for Windows mobile phone platform, Nextgen Reader assorts your feeds and neatly organize them in different categories like News, technology, and sports. You can gain access to the stories that you find more interesting, from these categories. The interface is designed in such a manner that it fits the touchscreen area just right. Best of all, it’s customizable. Thus, it allows you to select the right colors which will let you build a pleasing reading experience.

The latest version of this app is in UWP, offers boost in performance and comes with many bug fixes. The theme can be customized with different color accents in either light mode or dark mode. It currently comes with an attractive grid design for the touchscreen device or in 2-in-1s. In addition, Nextgen Reader is known to use an extremely fast sync engine that’s accompanied with offline support/

Price: Free trial available; Upgrade available at $2.69


Rssowl Min

RSSOwl is another RSS reader that’s available for free and is known to automate repeated actions on news items. It’s a multiplatform news feed aggregator that comes with an instant look up feature, while the search results can be stored and used as feeds. It stays up to date with regular notifications, labels, and news bins that also allows it to stay well-ordered with what’s going on.

You can use this app to subscribe to all your news feeds and arrange them in any manner you want.

Price: Free

Awasu Personal Edition


Awasu’s personal edition is a free version of RSS reader that’s rich in features. It features a modern and customizable user interface. It becomes a strong aggregator due to the option to improve with plug-ins and hooks. Among the major features of the personal edition are upto 100 feeds and checking the feeds every one hour. The RSS reader also offers other upgraded (paid) versions with unlimited feeds. In addition, Awasu allows its users to manage podcasts and sync with other news feeds.

Price: Free


Newsflow Min

NewsFlow is known for its simple and easy to use interface. It also comes with good enough space between elements offering an effortless reading experience. You can easily create your preferred categories followed by adding your favorite sources to the feed with the current news.

There are a number of options to customize your RSS feed on your preferences. Among its many features are, option to read articles with the help of extended readability without any obligation to open them in the web browser, and the option to watch YouTube and HTML videos within the app.

Price: Free

Veen Feed Reader

Veen Rss Reader Min

The interface of the Veen Feed Reader is a lot similar to that of Nextgen Reader. All the feeds are properly arranged in separate categories that range from Health and Science to Business and Technology. But, this app features an assimilated “search charm” that allows the users to search things of their interest. It also allows import and export of OPML files.

Price: Free


Quite Rss Reader Min

QuiteRSS is another RSS feed reader that not just keeps its users stay updated with the latest news on their RSS feeds, but is also a lightweight application. Apart from offering a host of useful tools, it also comes with a neat layout with multiple tabs offering its users the opportunity to add a new feed to the list by establishing a valid URL and giving details to its users related to the username and password, when any website requires verification.

Moreover, it also allows you to import data from AML or OPML file format, changing to a full screen mode, building a list of your favorite feeds, and also tagging feeds with various labels such as, work, important, personal, etc. It also offers the option to filter the feeds by date, read, unread, starred items, carry out search, and so on.

Best of all, it also allows you to save data in OPML file format, view a list with starred, unread, or deleted feeds, export the feed to HTML or in plain text, copy the URL and content to the Clipboard, resizing the font on the text messages, and also pushes the program to the top of other utilities.

Price: Free


Newsblur Min

If you are looking for real time RSS, then NewsBlur is just the right solution for you. Contents are collected and sent automatically to the user helping them read the news as it appears on a tastefully designed web interface. The best part is, that the app is free to download for web, so one can access it not only on Windows, but also on Mac. The app is also compatible with smartphone platforms like Android and iOS.

The free version works with over 64 websites, but if you want it work for your folders, you must upgrade them to the paid version.

Price: Free version available; Upgrade available for $24/Yr


Sharp Reader Min

Another great RSS feed reader in the list to be added is SharpReader. It’s a news aggregator specially designed for Windows platform that makes it convenient to arrange news and blogs in the right order. This helps following the news feeds much simple and easier.

The app offers improved threading and custom groups or categories. You can set the refresh rate for the app either based on per feed or on per category basis. Additionally, the app supports proxy-servers and proxy-verification.

Price: Free


Winds Reader Min

Winds is a free and open source RSS news feed reader and podcast designed tastefully by Stream. The app is also available for free for desktop platforms like windows, MacOS, and Linux. While it comes with clean design that’s easy to use, the interface of the app invites you to look for fresh feeds.

Among its major features are, possibility to listen to podcasts as you stay updated with your RSS feeds, no more of mess with randomly placed multiple apps, option to import your OPML file to Winds from your existing RSS reader in a few clicks, adapting to your taste with machine learning, and no ranking of your feeds all over again, but simply great content suggestions and findings.

Price: Free

RSS Bandit

For those who love to stay organized with their online content, RSS Bandit is a boon. It’s a powerful and adept RSS reader that allows you to browse news in an organized manner. The app is known for its flexibility, virtual folders, and syncing features that are pretty good comparatively.

However, things would be much better if it could blend with other RSS news feeders online. RSS Bandit still takes the cake in case of news development.

Price: Free


PaperOak is a completely free RSS reader that keeps ads away for the convenience of the users. Some of its exciting features are, it’s a cross-platform desktop app, offers state-of-the-art search functionalities to look for articles from their 200,000 article entries, offers more ability to the publisher to manage their source and a way to earn money from the app, allowing users to write on their platform directly that represents their publication, categorizing identical publications as compilation of the best topics based on the reading experience, creating alerts for keywords that interests you and you will be alerted whenever the any article with same keyword comes in, supercharging the daily tasks of professional teams, and availability on iOS app.

Price: Free


Feedspot, just like many other leading RSS readers, allows you to read your favorite blogs, news websites, RSS feeds, YouTube channels and social media sites accounts, all from one place.

The app is also extremely useful for blogger outreach or influencer marketing by letting you connect to thousands of authority bloggers and social media influencers in your domain. The app features over 100, 000 influential bloggers list categorized in over 1500 niche categories. You can email the company if you wish to connect to specific influencers for your marketing campaign. Paid customers get access to the influential bloggers list.

It also allows you to promote your blog, website, or a YouTube channel owned by you.

Price: Free version available; Upgrade available for $24/Yr

Adding a good RSS reader will make sure that you stay updated with your favorite content round the year. So, select the one of your choice and get started today for free!


This simple RSS reader is a perfect replacement for Feedly or an alternative to the now obsolete Google Reader. While the free version lets you subscribe to blogs or websites, the paid editions offer some extremely powerful search tools. This allows you to import your current subscriptions from another news feed reader if you are changing over, or simply use this app for your preferred content.

It also offers a number of useful tools. The free version helps you select a search term and follow it. Followed by this, the articles that have the term in them appear in the feed. As a subscriber, you can also make use of the other searches to filter and classify what they read.

Moreover, the articles can also be automatically shared to other apps. It features a simple interface that’s easy to use and come packed with a solid range of customization options.

Price: Free version available; Upgrade available at $4.00/month

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