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  1. Amber says

    Several of these are NOT free. I downloaded them based off this list, repaired my file, got to watch a preview, and then they all said “Oh you want to SAVE the video? LOL give us 60 bucks.” Stellar and Datashare recovery or whatever are NOT free.

  2. Alizadeh says

    It would be nice if you can ascertain whether the software is really free or free to try.
    e.g File Repair, its Free to Try not Free

  3. Bledi says

    HERE IS MY PROBLEM! I did transfer all the videos (MOV format from Iphone) in a USB. Then, when I copied back in the laptop they looked corrupted and I couldn’t open or play with different software like media player, vlc, converting software…. This happened with that usb before. It was new one, with not any software in it. I don’t want to pay for any software without being sure it will work out. Any suggestion? Thank you!