There was an error playing the video in WhatsApp Status : Fix

While the Status (or newly known as Updates) has opened up the way for occasional sharing of photos and videos, it isn’t bug free. One of the most faced bugs in WhatsApp status is the videos that are shared there. Some WhatsApp users have reported this error “There was an error playing the video.” message. Follow these solutions to view those shared videos before they disappear!

Fix 1 – Clear the WhatsApp cache

Clear the WhatsApp cache on your phone. But, don’t forget to create the WhatsApp backup before wiping the WhatsApp cache.

STEP  1 – Create the WhatsApp backup

Step 1 – Launch the WhatsApp.

Step 2 – After opening the app, tap “” and choose “Settings“.


settings wp min


Step 3 – Scroll down and touch the “Chats” settings.


chats min


Step 4 – Now, find the “Chat backup” option and open that up.


chat backup min e1696262235751


Step 5 – Next, choose the “Back up to Google Drive” option.


back up to Google Drive min


Step 6 – Choose the “Daily” frequency so that WhatsApp auto backups every day.


daily min


Step 7 – Finally, touch the “Back up” to back up the WhatsApp chats.


back up whatsapp min


Depending upon the size of the WhatsApp chat, it may take a while. Wait patiently for the process to finish.

Do not go to the next step unless your WhatsApp is backed up properly.


STEP 2 – Clear the WhatsApp cache

Now you can clear the WhatsApp cache on your phone.

Step 1 – Close the WhatsApp.

Step 2 – Then, open the Settings on your phone.


settings new sept min e1695653028403


Step 3 – Slide down and open the “Apps“.


apps min 2 e1696262687598


Step 4 – Getting into the Apps window, slide down to open the “WhatsApp” app.


open the wp ap min e1696263112901


Step 5 – Open the “Storage” settings.


storage wp min


Step 6 – Tap “Clear cache” to clear the WhatsApp cache.


clear cache wp min


Once you have cleared the WhatsApp cache, open the WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will load all the Status information while it loads. So, check that particular status once more.


Fix 2 – Allow the WhatsApp permissions

All the WhatsApp permissions should be allowed on your phone.

Step 1 – Hold down the WhatsApp icon and tap “” to open the WhatsApp page settings.


wahtsapp i button min


Step 2 – After getting in there, tap “Permissions“.


wp permissions min


Step 3 – Check whether all the permissions are allowed. If a certain permission is not yet allowed, tap that.


photos and videos min


Step 4 – Choose “Allow” to allow that particular permission.


allow wp permission min


Close the WhatsApp window.


Fix 3 – Use a WiFi

Sometimes the unstable data network you are using may cause this problem. Though WhatsApp can work with bare minimum bandwidth of network, it isn’t entirely true about the videos on WhatsApp. Whether it is a video file send to you or a status update, you should opt for a WiFi connection to see those status updates on WhatsApp.


Fix 4 – Video file is removed or corrupt

There is a rare chance that your WhatsApp contact has removed the video or adjusted the WhatsApp privacy. In both the cases, you won’t be able to view the WhatsApp update.


Fix 5 – Check for WhatsApp update

This can be a bug in WhatsApp. Update the WhatsApp, if it is available.

Step 1 – To update WhatsApp, head on to the Play Store.

Step 2 – You will see your Google account image on the top-right corner.

Step 3 – In the elevated panel, choose “Manage apps and devices“.


manage apps and device min


Step 4 – Just touch the “See details” to find the details of the app.


see details min


This will open the complete list of apps.

Step 5 – If you see the “Update” option beside WhatsApp Messenger, use that option to update the WhatsApp app.


whatsapp update min


Once you have updated the WhatsApp app, go back and test the videos in the WhatsApp status.