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  1. Miroslav says

    Try Salamander File Manager. It is free also for commercial use and I like it. It is similar to Total Commander. Small package, but has everything. One of the many good Czech products.

  2. D Rousse says

    I did not like the fact that 1- Clover was published by a Chinese company which is huge security issue as the Communist Party is become more belligerent toward the US.
    2- the language of the program is in Chinese ( which I do not speak) and it makes it a pain to uninstall. Please do bother telling us these things next time. Explorer ++ on the other hand is in English which and has a very decent interface and less confusing then the new (and improved… lol) Windows 10 File Explorer which sucks. Thanks for the information and have a very good year.


  3. TR says

    Agree with the others, “trial” is not “free,” it’s a trial of a paid version. Bad journalism. Used correct terminology. NOT free.

  4. Anonymous says

    It’s not exactly ‘free’ if its a trial version for a paid product or a ‘free’ very limited functionality standard version where you have to pay for the kind of features that would make it useful. Very unhelpful article.

  5. Doug L says

    Do you know of a windows file manager that will display milliseconds as part of the duration/length meta data for video files? I need this granular information for an SRT macro script I am building.