How to fix Windows 11 Xbox app Slow download problem [Solved]

Got yourself an Xbox game pass but games are downloading too slowly in the Xbox app for PC? Don’t worry, we are here to fix that. But before that, if you are on a bad network/slow internet connection, it’s obvious and you can’t do much about it. But if you are using a high network bandwidth but still facing the slow downloading speed issue, follow these quick fixes to boost up the downloading process in Xbox for PC.


1.  The first and foremost thing you should do is to close the Xbox app once and restart it to check if this helps.

2. Check the network speed. You can easily do it using the portal.
If the network is slow, whatever you do, you can’t improve the download speed in Xbox a lot.

Preliminary Fix

Download the game using Microsoft Store

Step 1: Start downloading the game from the Xbox App. Now, pause ithe download. Close the Xbox app.

Step 2: Now, Open the Microsoft Store, Locate the game and resume the download from here.

Fix 1 – Set the Global Tuning to auto/normal

You have to set the Windows Auto Tuning level to normal mode and test.

1. At first, write “powershell” in the search box after pressing the Windows icon.

2. Then, right-tap the “Windows PowerShell” and tap “Run as administrator” to open the terminal as an administrator.


Powershell Run As Admin Min


3. On the PowerShell terminal, write down this line and hit Enter to show the present status of the Auto Tuning level.

netsh interface tcp show global


Netsh Interface Tcp Global Min


4. Now, carefully note down the Recieve Window Auto-Tuning Level parameter.

Check whether it is showing up as “Disabled“.

5. If it is indeed in the disabled state, copy-paste this code and hit Enter to disable the level.

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal


Netsh Int Normal Min


Now, close the terminal and open the Xbox app for PC  and try to download the game again.

Test if this works.


Fix 2 – Disable the downloads from other PCs

You can disable the download from other PCs in the Delivery Optimization settings and test.

1. Open Settings.

2. Then, select “Windows Update” on the left pane.

3. Next, on the right-hand side, click on “Advanced options” to open that.


Advanced Options Min


4. On the same side of the screen, tap “Delivery Optimization” settings to open it.


Delivery Optimization Min


5. Now, set the Allow downloads from other PCs setting to the “Off” setting.


Allow Downloads Form Other Off Min

This way, the computer won’t upload/download WU components on your network/ internet. This way, Xbox should have better bandwidth to boost the downloading speed.

NOTE – You can switch this Allow downloads from other PCs setting On as well if you have the games on a computer that is on the same network as the Xbox console. This way, the downloading speed in Xbox should increase manifolds. You can test it out.


Fix 3 – Update the Xbox app for PC

Before you reset or repair the Xbox app, do check whether Xbox needs an update from MS Store.

1. Open the Microsoft Store.

2. Then, click on the “Library” on the left-hand pane.

3. Now, wait till Windows loads up all the apps on your system. Then, tap “Get updates” to get the latest updates.


Get Updates For Xbox Min


The Xbox app will be automatically updated. After it updates, check if this works.


Fix 4 – Reinstall Gaming Service Packages

Gaming Service Packages is an additional tool for Xbox that it downloads before anything. So, uninstall and reinstall it.

1. Write down “powershell” after pressing the Windows key once.

2. Now, just right-tap the “Windows PowerShell” and click further on the “Run as administrator” option to run it as an administrator.


Powershell Run As Admin Min

3. Now, input this code in the terminal and hit Enter.

Get-AppxPackage *gamingservices* -allusers | remove-appxpackage -allusers


Uninstall Gaming Services Min


After that, close the Powershell terminal and restart your system.

4. Open Xbox on your system. You will see the prompt to download Xbox Gaming services first.

So, tap “Gaming Services required. Click to download.” to start that.


Gaming Services Required Min

After that, try to download Xbox games again. Check if this solves the issue.


Fix 5 – Remove the bandwidth limits

Bandwidth limits can throttle the download speed in Xbox. So, you should remove those bandwidth limits.

1. Press the Win key+I keys together to open Settings.

2. Then, select “Windows Update” on the left pane.

3. Next, on the right-hand side, click on “Advanced options” to open that.


Advanced Options Min


4. On the right pane, scroll down to find the “Delivery Optimization” settings. Then, click it once to open it.


Delivery Optimization Min


5. In the Delivery Optimization page, click on the “Advanced options” to access that.


Advanced Options Inside Delivery Optimi Min


6. Now, you have to set the settings to “Percentage of measured bandwidth (measured against the update source)”.

7. Then, check the option “Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the background” and slide the slider to “100%“.

8. After that, tick the “Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the background” and slide it to “100%“.


Percentage Of Measured Min


Close the Settings after this and retry downloading the games on Xbox again.


Fix 6 – Disengage from Xbox Insider Preview

If you are a part of the Xbox Insider Program, it can cause this problem.

1. Open the Xbox app.

2. Then, click on your Xbox username and tap “Xbox Insider Program” from the drop-down menu.


Xbox Insider Program Min


This will open up the Xbox Insider app.

3. There, on the left-hand pane, tap the “Previews” section. You will see the complete list of options on the opposite side.

4. Through the right-hand side of the screen, go to Joined section. There, tap “Windows Gaming” to open that.


Windows Gaming Min


5. Click “Manage” to mange the Insider Program.


Manage Min


6. Now, tap “Leave preview” to leave the Insider Program.


Leave Preivew Min


Follow the on-screen steps to leave it completely.

After this, close and relaunch the Xbox. Check the downloading speed once again.


Fix 7 – Reset/Repair the Xbox app

Repair or reset the Xbox app and check. But remember, resetting the Xbox app will delete all the games that you have downloaded. So, remember to back those up, if you want.

1. Right-tap the Windows icon and tap “Installed apps” to open that setting.


Installed Apps Min


2. This will direct you to the Settings page directly.

3. Here, you can view all the apps in a list format. So, find out the “Xbox” app among those.

4. Tap the three-dot menu and click “Advanced options” to open it.


Advanced Opt Xbox Min


5. Next, scroll down and tap “Repair” to repair the app.


Repair Xbox Min


Now, open Xbox and try downloading the games further. Check if this has spiked up the download speed or not.

6. If repairing the Xbox app doesn’t help, you can reset the app.

7. So, come back to Settings and tap “Reset“. Then, tap the “Reset” option again to reset the app.


Reset Xbox Min


After resetting Xbox, you have to log in again. Then, you can start downloading games.

Check if this works.


Fix 6 – Uninstall and reinstall the Xbox app

If nothing so far has worked out for you, uninstall and reinstall the Xbox app.

1. You can directly uninstall the Xbox app from the Settings menu.

2. So, press the Win key+I key.

3. Then, click on “Apps” and tap “Installed apps” on the right-hand pane.


Installed Apps Min


4. On your right-hand side, find the Xbox app and tap the three-dot menu.

5. Then, click “Uninstall” to uninstall the app from your system.


Uninstall Xbox Min


6. A confirmation prompt will show up. Tap “Uninstall” to uninstall it.


Uninstall It Min


Wait until Xbox is uninstalled.

7. Open Microsoft Store.

8. There, search “xbox” using the search box and click “Xbox” in the search result.


Xbox Search Min


9. Now, just tap “Install” to reinstall it.


Install Xbox Min


After this, close the Store. Wait until Xbox is installed. Log in using Xbox credentials. Then, resume downloading a game.

Check the downloading speed in Xbox now.

Alternative solutions

These are some things that may help you resolve the issue if all the other solutions have helped.

Disconnect all other devices from the network

You should disconnect all the devices you have connected to your router. This way, the bandwidth won’t get divided among devices and Xbox can use it to download at the highest speed possible. If have a dual-band router, you should connect the Xbox to the 5Ghz band. You will definitely notice a spike in the download speed.

Download at night

Probably the oldest but the best trick in the book is to start downloading the games at night and leave it there. If you are downloading a big AAA title like Gears of War or Starfield, you should always do it at night for better download speed.