How to Resolve the Xapofx1_1.DLL Is Missing Error on Windows 11/10

Xapofx1_1.dll is a dynamic link library developed and maintained by Microsoft. This file is part of DirectX SDK. Starting from Windows 8, DirectX SDK is part of the Windows SDK. DirectX SDK  is a high-performance platform for game development on top of Windows. Even conventional desktop programs are now using graphics hardware acceleration due to the availability of Direct3D technology in PCs. DirectX technologies are becoming more integrated with Windows at the same time.

DirectX is now an essential component of Windows. Let’s see what are the potential causes and how to fix the issue.

The Potential Cause For The Error

1 – If multiple programs are using the library and some of the programs deleted the library while uninstalling it.

2 – If windows updates are not installed properly and the program is looking for an updated version of the dynamic link library.

3 – If the program is looking for a specified version of the dynamic link library and the system is with a different version of the dynamic link library.

4 – DirectX or Windows SDK is not installed in the system.

5 – You don’t have permission to access this file as a user.

6 – The path of the file is different from the path in which the program is searching it.

7 – DLL is corrupted by malware.

Common Xapofx1_1.dll related Errors 

1 – xapofx1_1.dll is missing

2 – xapofx1_1.dll could not be found

3 – xapofx1_1.dll access violation

4 – xapofx1_1.dll crash

5 – xapofx1_1.dll error loading

6 – xapofx1_1.dll procedure entry point error

Steps to fix Xapofx1_1.dll missing error

The first and easiest way should be to uninstalling the program which is throwing an error and reinstalling it. This should place the correct version of the library file in the required path and fix the error.

If reinstallation of the program dint help, try placing a local copy of the DLL in the required path. Before doing this, keep a few things in mind. If many programs are using this DLL and if you are altering the version of the file while placing it, other programs might start throwing the error. It will be a nightmare to resolve. Also, check from where the DLL is downloaded. There might be malware in DLL if not downloaded from an authentic website. Let’s see how we can manually place the DLL step by step.

Step 1: Press Win+R and in the Run window type ms-settings:about and press Enter.


About Run Min


Step 2: In the About window, in the Device Specification section, check the System type to know whether it is a 64-bit operating system or a 32-bit operating system.


System Type Min


Step 3: Go to and search for xapofx1_1.dll.


Dll Search Min


Step 4: Click on Xapofx on the search result.


Dll Search Result Min


Step 5: In the details window of Xapofx1_1.dll, check for the architecture and select 64 or 32 as per your system type and click on the Download link.


Dll Download Min


Step 6: Extract the downloaded zip file with 7-Zip or WinRAR software.

Step 7: Now copy the XAPOFX1_1.dll file to C:\Windows\System32.

Step 8: Restart the system to make changes effective and start the program again and check.


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