Windows 10 tracks your child and emails you his activity

baby-84627_640Windows 10 lets users create a child account and if you are a parent you will be surprised to know that windows 10 emails you every week about what your child’s online activity is all about. It sends you a compiled report about which websites he visited in the week, how much time he spent there and which apps he used while using pc through his child account. Now, some users are not happy with this feature as its a complete invasion of the privacy of their children. They do not want to spy on their children’s lives.

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But, for some skeptical parents, its a good idea as they want to make sure that their kid is not onto a wrong path. As far as i am concerned, it think its a welcome idea, as internet is a dangerous place with deep web evolving, its can be a destructive machine with few clicks. Browsing out of curiosity is one thing, but if your child is a regular visitor of dark websites, its parent’s responsibility to sort it out early.

Microsoft is not spying on your child each and every activity, its just sends you a compressed report of the list of urls. For example, if it has sent you that your child has visited facebook, there is no way out there to tell that what it did on facebook, with whom he chatted and all. But if your 12 year old child is visiting P@rn websites, they must take note.

How to turn off email weekly reports of child browsing history

To disable child tracking feature in windows 10 first of all go to Microsoft account’s website, go to “Family” section, turn off  “Email weekly reports to me” and “Activity reporting”.


Note that you can also block certain websites here in the account centre and also set good screen habits for your kid.