How to fix WiFi not automatically connecting on Android phone

The one thing that annoys us the most is that our phone doesn’t automatically connect to the WiFi when we turn on the WiFi. You have to tap the WIFI icon once more to see the full list of WiFi connections and again have to tap on the WiFi to force-reconnect to it. We often look the other way and get on with this issue. But, there are simple solutions that can fix this, so that the your phone automatically connects to that particular WiFi, whenever you turn it ON!

Fix 1 – Make sure WiFi automatically reconnects

Make sure the phone connects to the WiFi automatically.

Step 1 – Slide down to view the Quick Panel.

Step 2 – Then, press & hold the WiFi icon. This will take you to the list of WiFi networks on your phone.


wifi hold min


Step 3 – On the WiFi screen, tap the “⚙️” to open that WiFi network.


gear wifi sett min


Step 4 – On that page, make sure to toggle the “Auto reconnect” to “On” mode.


auto reconnect min


Now, the WiFi network will get reconnected to your phone every time you switch the WiFi ON on your phone.


Fix 2 – Turn on the Hotspot 2.0

If you are connecting the phone to a mobile hotspot, make sure to enable the Hotspot 2.0 on your phone.

Step 1 – Again, slide down and enable the WiFi from the Quick Panel.

Step 2 – Next, hold the WiFi to open the WiFi panel on your phone. 


wifi hold min


Step 3 – Tap the “” on the top-left corner.

Step 4 – Then, tap the “Advanced settings” to open that up.


advanced settings min


Step 5 – On the following screen, make sure to turn the “Hotspot 2.0” to “On” mode.


hotspot min


Close the Advanced Settings page.

Make sure this works!


Fix 3 – Forget the WiFi and reconnect to it

Just delete the WiFi credentials from your phone and reconnect.

Step 1 – To enact this simple fix, swipe down to open the Action Center.

Step 2 – Just tap and hold the WiFi sign to open the WiFi panel on your phone.


wifi hold min


Step 3 – No need to connect to the WiFi. Even if the phone doesn’t automatically connect, just look for the SSID of the WiFi on your phone.

Step 4 – You will see a small “⚙️” there. Tap that once.


gear wifi sett min e1693072145359


Step 5 – This will open the WiFi settings on your phone. In there, tap the “Forget 🗑️” option to remove the WiFi credentials from your phone.


forget the wifi min e1693072182326


Step 6 – As you come back to the main WiFi page, you will find your WiFi in there.

Step 7 – Just tap it once.


open the wifi min


Step 8 – When it ask for the WiFi password, enter it and tap the right sign to connect to the WiFi.

After you have connected to the WiFi, wait for a few minutes and use the WiFi.

Just turn off the WiFi on your phone. Then, turn it On once again.

This time, it should get reconnected.

Hope this works!


Fix 4 – Disable the Battery Saver

Battery Saver comes along with some restrictions that can block the WIFI access and cause frequent disconnections.

Step 1 – Usually, you can find the Battery Saver or Power Saving button right in the Control Center.

Step 2 – So, swipe down once or twice to see all the items in the Quick Panel.

Step 3 – Make sure “Battery Saver” or “Power Saving” or “Ultra Power Saving” mode is turned off there.


power saving mode min 1 e1693072899738


This should improve the WiFi not reconnecting issue on your phone.


Fix 5 – No apps can change Wi-Fi networks

There can be some apps that can turn WiFi on/off settings. Make sure you do not have any such apps.

Step 1 – Open the Quick Settings panel. Enable the “WiFi” on your phone.

Step 2 – Hold that for a few seconds to open the WiFi networks.

Step 3 – After this, use the “⋮” and tap the “Advanced options” to access that.


advanced settings min


Step 4 – There is an option called “WiFi on/off history“.


on off min


Step 5 – Make sure there aren’t any apps present in the list.


no apps min


Close the settings after doing this. WiFi on your phone won’t get turned off again!


Fix 6 – Reset the network settings

If nothing so far has worked out for you, run a network reset operation on your phone to fix the problem.

Just open the “Settings⚙️” on your phone.


settings on your gear min e1693045634240


Step 2 – Get down straight to the “General Management” to access that settings.


general managements min e1693047726873


Step 3 – You have to open the “Reset” settings.


reset min e1693047762988


Step 4 – Now, on the following page, touch the “Reset network settings” to reset all these settings.


reset network settings min e1693047807105


Let a few seconds pass.

Then, quit the Settings window.

Now, you have to connect to the WiFi using the WiFi password for a fresh start. The WiFi should get reconnected to the phone quickly.

Check that out.