How to Fix No Internet Connection issue on iPhone [Solved]

These days, when everything is online, including meetings, video calls, audio calls, and browsing apps, the Internet has become an integral part of our lives.

Recently, many iPhone users have reported that they are not getting proper internet connectivity on their iPhones. When they tried accessing any apps or any other service, they got an error message that said as follows.

No internet connection

Please check your internet connection and try again. (Error: Error in connect () function)

Wi-Fi-related issues could be one of the causes of this. This could be at the router or within the iPhone, and the mobile data network may be limited. Well, after researching a lot on this issue, we have gathered a set of solutions in the article below that will assist users in resolving this problem.

Fix 1 – Enable and then disable the Airplane Mode option

When Airplane Mode is activated on any device, it disconnects all the possible internet or network connectivity. So enabling the airplane mode and then disabling it refreshes the network connectivity on the iPhone using the steps below.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone first and move to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Then you will see that there is an option called Airplane Mode at the top of the Settings page as shown.

Step 3: Now tap on the Airplane Mode toggle button to enable it.


enable airplane mode 11zon


Step 4: After it is enabled, wait for some time.

Step 5: Later, turn it off by again clicking on its toggle switch as shown below.


disable airplane mode 11zon


Fix 2 – Change Date & Time settings to Automatically

Some users were able to resolve this issue by allowing the iPhone itself to change the Date & Time automatically. 

Step 1: To do so, you have to open the Settings app.

Step 2: Then scroll the Settings page down and tap on the General option.


general settings 11zon


Step 3: Now select the Date & Time option by clicking on it.


date and time 11zon


Step 4: On the Date & Time page, tap on the Set Automatically toggle button to enable it as shown below.


enable set automatically 11zon 1


Step 5: Once done, close the Settings page.

Fix 3 – Reset Network Settings

When nothing worked for you in fixing this issue, you can always reset the network settings on your iPhone which can surely fix this internet connection problem on your iPhone by following the steps below.

 Step 1: Open the Settings page on your iPhone first.

Step 2: Navigate to the General option by clicking on it.


general settings 11zon


Step 3: Now scroll down the general page to its bottom and click Transfer or Reset iPhone.


transfer or reset iPhone 11zon 1


Step 4: On the next page, select the Reset option at the bottom as shown below.


reset iPhone 11zon


Step 5: There appears a context menu on the screen.

Step 6: Tap Reset Network Settings from the list.


reset network setttings 11zon


Step 7: Enter your passcode to continue.


enter passcode 11zon


Step 8: After that, you need to tap on the Reset Network Settings option once again to continue.


confirm reset network settings 11zon 1


Step 9: This starts resetting the network settings on your iPhone.


Fix 4 – Turn off the Wi-Fi settings and turn them on

If you find that this issue might be caused by some Wi-Fi settings on the iPhone, we recommend following the steps explained below to fix it.

Step 1: First of all, you need to open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Then select the Wi-Fi option by clicking on it, as shown below.


WiFi 11zon


Step 3: Now turn off the Wi-Fi option by tapping on its toggle button.


disable wifi 11zon


Step 4: After it is disabled, wait for some time and enable it back by tapping on the toggle switch again, as shown below.


enable wifi 11zon


Step 5: If the problem still persists, please forget your connected Wi-Fi network first and rejoin it.

Step 6: Also, make sure you restart your Wi-Fi router once to refresh the Wi-Fi network.

Fix 5 – Disable and re-enable the Mobile Data option

If there is any issue with the mobile data settings you can always disable it and then enable it back to remove any internal issue within its settings.

Step 1: Open the Settings page on your iPhone by tapping on the settings icon from your home screen.

Step 2: After that, click on the Mobile Data option from the Settings page menu.


Mobile Data 11zon


Step 3: Now disable the Mobile Data option by tapping on its toggle switch as shown below.


disable mobile data 11zon


Step 4: After some time, enable it again by clicking on its toggle button.


enable mobile data 11zon


Step 5: Now if you find the error still occurs, please eject the sim card holder from the iPhone by inserting a pin into the sim card holder on the side.

Step 6: After you get the sim card holder, take the sim card out and clean it with a nice cloth.

Step 7: Place it back into the holder and insert it back into your iPhone.

Step 8: Restart your iPhone once.

Fix 6 – Make Sure the VPN is disconnected

Many iPhone users forget that they have connected to a VPN on their iPhones which was actually causing the internet connection error. Therefore, check whether you have connected your iPhone to VPN and disconnect it using the steps below.

Step 1: First, you need to go to the Settings page on your iPhone.

Step 2: Then scroll down a bit and tap on the General option.


general settings 11zon


Step 3: On the General page, you will find the VPN & Device Management option and you have to click on it.


vpn device management 11zon


Step 4: Now tap on the VPN option at the top of the page as shown below.


VPN 11zon


Step 5: Once the VPN page opens, please disconnect the VPN connection if it is already connected.

Additional Fixes

Restart the iPhone device

Sometimes these kinds of problems can arise on every iPhone owing to various technical faults that iPhone encounters inside. So many iPhone users have been able to fix this problem by merely restarting their iPhones once. We recommend that our users restart their iPhones by first turning them off and then pressing and holding the volume up and power buttons together until the Apple logo appears on the screen. This restarts the iPhone.

Update the iPhone

If there is any update released by Apple, the user should always make sure the latest update is downloaded and installed on their iPhones. This eliminates the possibility of such problems as those discussed above.

To update the iPhone, go to the Settings page and click on General > Software Update. It might take some time to load the page, and if there is any update, tap on the Download and Install option and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.