How to Fix Username Not Found Issue in Instagram

The Username Not Found, we couldn’t find an account with the username you entered issue occurs because of many reasons, the major reason being you entering the wrong username. The issue can also happen if the Google Smart Lock feature is trying to log you into Instagram using your old username. So basically, if you enter the correct username, the issue should be fixed no matter what. However, it is very likely that you don’t remember your username. So now you might think you have entered a deadlock here. Well, we would say, think again, especially when we are right here to help!

In this article, what we are attempting to figure out is your correct username. But if you are not sure what is your username, there are 2 ways how you can figure it out. One method would be to use the Get Help logging In option, using which you can send a code to the email id or the mobile number linked to your account and either straight away login or find out your username from it. Another way would be to contact an Instagram friend and ask him/her to help you find out your username. Both the methods are simple enough, and are quick as well. So let’s jump straight in, shall we?

Solution 1: Through Get Help Logging In Option

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application by clicking on its icon.


1 Instagram Min


Step 2: On the login screen, click on the Get help logging in link.


2 Get Help Min


Step 3: As you don’t remember the correct username, type in the email id or the phone number associated with your account and hit the Can’t reset your password? link as shown below.


3 Cant Reset Min


Step 4: On the screen that follows, you will be able to see your profile picture and your username at the top. Either you can take note of the username and use it to log in to Instagram later or you can choose the radio button corresponding to your registered email id or your mobile number to receive a 6-digit code and use it to log in straight away. Once the radio button is chosen, click the Next button.


4 Recover Min


Step 5: You just need to enter the code you receive and hit the Confirm button to log in to your Instagram. That’s it.


5 Enter Code Min


Solution 2: Contact an Instagram Friend and Ask for your Username

Step 1: Ask one of your Instagram friends to launch the Instagram application.


1 Instagram Min


Step 2: At the bottom of the screen, ask them to hit the Search icon.


6 Search Min


Step 3: Now, ask them to search for your name and click on the search result which has the word Following.


7 Result Click Min


Step 4: They will now be at your profile. They can confirm that the profile is yours itself by using the profile bio and the profile picture. Once the account is confirmed, they can easily get your username from the top of your profile, as shown below.

You can use this username to log in to your Instagram. Enjoy!


8 Username Min


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