How to use Chrome Cleanup Tool to Fix any Issue with your Chrome Browser

In the early 90’s, anything that was popular is a prime subject to targeted attacks. Undoubtedly  Google Chrome is a mind-blowing browser because of the immensely high-speed by which it opens the web from internet to our computer systems.
Now a day, if you are not careful your chrome browser can also get affected by the malicious malware and viruses very often.These Malware and Viruses can easily slows down your browser. This is the common issue about the Chrome that will come across to you either from your friends or relatives.
Fortunately, Google understands it’s been targeted. It’s also working hard to try to fight that malware and Pseudo default search engines on your chrome so recently Google has a tool to overcome this issue. “Chrome Cleanup Tool” is a specific Tool for this purpose.
Chrome Cleanup Tool is a special tool that scans the browser and attempt to restore it properly if there is any bug found while scanning Chrome Browser.
Follow this simple steps to fix any issue with your Chrome Browser :

Step 1 :

You have to download the Chrome Cleanup Tool from .


Screenshot (39)

Click on Download now to download it.

Screenshot (39)

After downloading the tool just Run it. No Installation is required.


Screenshot (40)

Step 2 :

If everything is fine with your chrome Browser the scan will be quick and it will show no program found.

Screenshot (42)

Step 3:

Click on Continue button.

Screenshot (42)


It will take you to the chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings.

Screenshot (43)

Step 4:

Don’t click on Reset if there is no problem detected. If problems are present in your browser, it will list out all the programs that are causing such disturbances in your Chrome browser.