Fix: There Might A Problem With The Driver for the WiFi Adapter Error on Windows 11 / 10

Staying connected to the internet is the key to almost everything nowadays. When Network issues appear they throw our work off gear and are quite difficult to diagnose and solve. One could search for the issue for days together and not find a solution. One of such problems is There might be a problem with the driver for the Wireless Network Connection adapter. This problem is usually observed for wifi adapters.  In this article, we will show you how to fix this and get connected again.

Fix  1 – Check wlan auto config service

1: Search Services in Windows search and click on it

Services 1 Min


2 : Now, Locate WLAN Autoconfig service. Double click on it

3: Set Startup type as automatic from dropdown. Click on Start to start the service if it is not running. Click on Apply.

Screenshot 2022 12 22 142004 Min


4: Finally Right click on wlan autoconfig and click on restart.

Screenshot 2022 12 22 142304 Min

Now, try and check again


Fix 2 – Using network commands

Step 1: Click on the Start menu and search for the Command Prompt application by typing cmd. Click on the Run as administrator option.

Cmd Search Min


Step 2: Now, type the below command and press Enter.

Ipconfig /flushdns

Step 5: Wait for the command execution. Once it is completed, you will receive a message on the screen saying  Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

Flushdns Cmd Min

Step 3: Now we need to again type the below command in the command prompt and press Enter.

Netsh Winsock reset

Step 4: You will receive  Successfully reset the Winsock Catalog. You must restart the computer in order to complete the reset.

Netsh Cmd Min

Step 5: Now restart the system. Post restart the issue should be resolved and you can connect to the Internet again.

Fix 3 – Disable and enable internet adapter

1 – Search View Network connections in windows search and click on it

Screenshot 2022 12 22 141326 Min


2 – Now, Right click on your wifi adapter and click disable


Screenshot 2022 12 22 141439 Min


3 – Now, Right click again after few seconds and click on enable

Screenshot 2022 12 22 141459 Min

Now, try again

Fix  4 – Locate a physical network switch on your PC

Look closely on the keyboard and side of the laptop and if you can find a network icon on a key , try to press it once to enable wifi on your computer. Then try again

Wifi On Min

Fix 5 – Make sure Airplane mode is turned Off

Just make sure that your internet connection is working. Open any browser and try to open any website and check internet connection. Also, Press Windows key and A key from your keyboard and make sure airplane mode is turned off.

Fix 6 – Restart the Router

Just turn off the router. Wait for 30 seconds. Now, turn it back On again. Now, connect with the router again

Fix 7 – Connect with different band

Some routers are transmitting both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz frequencies. Try to connec with different band and then try again.

Fix 8 – Uncheck AVG network filter driver

1 – Search View Network connections in windows search and click on it

Screenshot 2022 12 22 141326 Min

2 – Right click on your WiFi adapter and then click properties

Screenshot 2022 12 22 143127 Min


3 – Now, if there is AVG network filter driver in the list, uncheck  (Remove tick mark) it and click OK.

Screenshot 2022 12 22 143428 Min

That’s all! Hope the article was informative and useful. Please comment and let us know. If you are facing any issues please comment below. We will be glad to help you. Thank you for reading. Happy reading!!