The device is unreachable : Error 0x80070141 on Windows 10

You may sometimes come across an error message – Error 0x80070141: The device is unreachable, when you are trying to transfer photos and videos from an iOS device to your computer. This error not only prevents you from copying photo or video files from iOS devices, but also from pen drives to your computer. This is a known issue, and the good news is, this can be fixed. Let’s see how.


Method 1: By Running the Hardware and Device Troubleshooter


Step 1: Go to Start menu and type cmd in the Windows search bar.


Desktop Start Seach Cmd


Step 2: Now, right-click on the result and select Run as administrator to open Command Prompt in elevated mode.


Start Search Command Prompt Right Click Run As Administrator


Step 3: In the Command Prompt (Admin), type the below command and hit Enter:


msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic


Command Prompt (admin) Run Command To Open Hardware And Device Troubleshooter Enter


Step 4: It opens the Hardware and Devices (troubleshooter) window. Click Next to proceed to run the troubleshooter.


Hardware And Devices Advanced


Follow the on-screen instructions to the complete the troubleshooting process.


Method 2: By Running ChkDsk Command using CMD


Step 1: Right-click on Start and select Run to open the Run command.


Desktop Start Right Click Run


Step 2: Type cmd in the Run command and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys together on your keyboard to open the Command Prompt with with admin rights.


Run Command Search Cmd Enter

Step 3: In the Command Prompt (admin) window, type the below command and hit Enter:


chkdsk /f E:


*Note – Here letter E signifies the USB or the external drive in our case. It can be any other drive for you. So, replace the letter (drive) with the one in your case and press Enter.


Command Prompt (admin) Run Chkdsk Command Enter


Once completed, restart your PC and the error should be gone now.


Method 3: By Reinstalling your USB Device


Step 1: Press Win + X keys together on your keyboard and select Device Manager.


Win + X Device Manager


Step 2: In the Device Manager window, navigate to the Universal Serial Bus controllers section and expand it.

Now, right-click on the USB Mass Storage Device and select Uninstall.



Device Manager Universal Serial Bus Controllers Usb Mass Storage Device Uninstall Device


Step 3: Once it’s uninstalled, restart your PC, insert the USB drive again and wait for the driver to install.


Step 4: Next, go to the Actions tab and select Scan for hardware changesĀ to find your phone.


Device Manager Action Scan For Hardware Changes


Now, reboot your PC again and you should be able to transfer files from your phone or iOS device to PC.


Moreover, the Error 0x80070141 also arises when you try to transfer files from Camera in PTP format. In such cases, you should select Media Device or MTP format to transfer files between your iOS device and PC, as MTP supports a wider range of file variants than PTP.

Alternatively, you can also try using a different USB because it may be possible that the USB you are using currently is incompatible. You can try using a USB 2.0 port instead of a USB 3.0 port because the USB 2.0 port works with most of the devices.