How to switch to a local account in windows 10 instead of microsoft live account

If you have set up mail app, or enabled cortana in windows 10, chances are that windows 10 will tag your user account with microsoft live account. A lot of user find it weird and prefer signing in with a local account username and password. Here is how to reenable local account signin in windows 10.

How to switch to a local account sign-in  in windows 10

Step 1 – Press windows key + i  to reach settings pane in windows 10. You can also click on start key and then click on settings to reach this window.




Step 2 – Now, click on sign in with a local account instead located in the right side of the window.



Step 3– Now, enter your microsoft live account password here.




Step 4 – Now, set a password here and reenter to confirm. You can also provide a password hint to make it remember your password in case you forget it.



That’s it. You are done. Now, reboot to check and you will be prompted for a local account password login in place of microsoft live account.