Fix Side by Side Configuration Is Incorrect Error in Windows 10/11

Side by side Configuration is incorrect error in Windows 10 is faced by many users when they try to launch any program, install any program or uninstall a program. Understanding this error is bit complicated so we won’t cover that but we can certainly help you to solve this problem.

We have gathered some solutions for  Side by side Configuration is incorrect error here so that you can easily resolve your error. You don’t need to follow all the solutions, just start from solution 1 and check that error is resolved or not. If not, move to the next solution.

Solution 1 – Uninstall and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

Many programs use Microsoft Visual Redistributable Packages and if it is not available or corrupted then this error can happen. If you are getting an error on multiple programs then corruption of Microsoft Visual Redistributable Packages can be the issue. You have to reinstall it to remove the error.

STEP 1 – Follow first three steps from above process, you will see a full list of programs that you installed on your computer. Locate Microsoft Visual Redistributable Packages from the list. It may be one or more than one.

STEP 2 – Uninstall all of them by selecting Uninstall from right-click menu.


Unistall Packages


STEP 3 – Go to Microsoft Website and download the installation file based on your computer architecture

STEP 4 – Reboot your Computer.

Try to open to those program in which you were facing the errors.

Solution 2 – Using Registry Editor

1. Press Windows key + R key together to open run.

2. Write regedit and click OK to open registry editor.

Regedit Run

3. Now, go to the following address in the registry editor.


4. Now, in the right side, right click on Default and click on properties.

5. Now, make sure the value data is same as one of the Reg_Binary keys present which has a bigger value.


If not change it to the bigger values from the two.

6. Close the registry editor.

Solution 3 – Check for corrupted files

Corrupted files on your computer can give you a number of errors and this is also one of them. So, If your computer has corrupted files then it is the cause of your error.  Follow below steps to detect and repair corrupted files on your PC.

STEP 1 – Press the Windows button and Search for the Command Prompt, right-click on it and select Run as administrator.


Cmd Admin


STEP 2 – Press Yes on the prompt.

STEP 3 – Type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

Cmd Scan


STEP 4 – Scan will take some time to complete. When the scan completes check that error is gone or not.

STEP 5 – If you still facing the error type DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth and hit Enter.


Cmd Clean Upm Disk


STEP 6 – Wait for the scan to be complete and then close the command prompt window.

Open the program you were facing error and check that error is gone or not.

Solution 4 – Download installer again

If you face this error while installing any program it may be possible that your program installer is corrupted. If you have not downloaded the program installer from an official source it can be corrupted because it is not verified. Download program from its official website and install that on your PC. Most probably you won’t get the issue now.

Solution 5 – Uninstall and install the Program

If you are facing this error on a specific program then your program must be corrupted. You have to reinstall that program to resolve this issue. Follow this process to uninstall and install again any program.

STEP 1 – Open Run window by hitting Windows and buttons simultaneously.


Run Control Panel


STEP 2 – Type Control and Click OK.

STEP 3 – Open Program and Features from the Control Panel main menu.

STEP 4 – Locate the program which is facing error and select uninstall from right-click menu or select program and press the Uninstall/Repair button above the program list.

Uninstall Program


STEP 5 – Open the official website of the program and download latest stable version and install it.

Solution 6 – Reset your PC

If you are still getting the error after trying these 4 methods you have to reset your PC. Resetting will install Windows 10 again on your computer so you will not get this error again.

However, please note that reset will erase all of your files and program so first take backup of your things and then follow this process.

STEP 1 – Open Settings from the Start menu.





STEP 2 – Select Update & Security and select Recovery from the left side menu.

STEP 3 – You will find Reset This PC option on the top here. Click on Get Started to start Restoring the PC.

STEP 4 – Choose Remove Everything.

Erase Everything


It will take some time to Reset your PC but after resetting you will not face any error and you can enjoy those program on which you were getting this error.