Samsung Weather App not working or updating issue

The Samsung weather app that you see on your Galaxy smartphone, have come a long way. But, still it is not completely bug-free and Weather app seems to give some trouble to a handful of Samsung users. If we point out to these reports, the Weather app is not working or updating properly. Without the Weather app predicting your local weather correctly, it doesn’t of much use! So, go through these list of fixes to address this Weather-app situation.

Fix 1 – Allow weather API background data usage

The weather app component may not have the background data usage permissions. So, you have to give that permission.

Step 1 – Swipe once up and open the “Settings” on your phone.


settiongs min


Step 2 – Go to the “Apps“.


apps to open min e1691220053729


Step 3 – You won’t see the system apps among the list of other apps. So, tap the small icon there.

Step 4 – A context toggle will open up. So, toggle the “Show system apps” to the On mode.


show system apps min


Step 5 – Just scroll down and look for the “” to open that app component.


com weather access min


Step 6 – On the next page, open the “Mobile data” to access the data permissions.


mobile data min e1691220081348


Step 7 – Just make sure to turn these two settings to On mode –

Allow background data usage
Allow app while data saver on


com weather allow min


Quit the Settings window after this.

Now, you have to do the same thing with the Weather app as well.

So, come back to the Apps page.

Step 8 – Scroll all the way down to find the “Weather” if all the apps are arranged A-Z. Open that app up.


weather ap min


Step 9 – Scroll down to find the “Mobile data” settings in the Weather app.


mobile data min e1691220081348


Step 10 – Opt for setting both these options to “On” mode –

Allow app while data saver on
Allow background data usage


allow background main min


After altering both the settings, try to update the Weather widget on your phone and test.


Fix 2 – Set auto refresh in Weather settings

Usually Weather information is set not to update automatically. Change that weather at least each 3 hours.

Step 1 – Just hold the Weather widget on your phone for a few seconds.

Step 2 – Then, tap the “” icon once.


widget setting min


Step 3  – When the Weather properties opens up, open the “Weather settings“.


wether settings min


Step 4 –  tap the “Auto Refresh” to change the settings.

Step 5 – You will see a list of drop-down of timers. So, choose the “3 hours” from the list.

You can set it to a lower time as well.


auto refresh min


Step 6 – If you want to get Weather updates while traveling, turn the “Auto refresh on the go” to On mode.

Step 7 – Tap “Allow“.


auto refresh on the go min


The Weather information will be updated in every 3 hours. So, this way, you will get regular Weather updates.


Fix 3 – Permit Notifications settings in Weather app

Sometimes, it just might be lacking in proper Weather permissions.

Step 1 – Just the same way as before, just input and hold the Weather widget on your Home Screen.

Step 2 – Use the “i” button.


widget setting min e1691172450890


Step 3 – When you have reached the Weather page, open the “Notifications” settings.


notifications i min


Step 4 – Make sure the “Allow notifications” setting is turned On.


allow notificaitons weather min


Close the Weather settings window after this. Test if this fixes the Weather app situation or not.


Fix 4 – Test the location permission in Settings

You have to permit the Weather app to detect your location by using the on-board GPS.

Step 1 – Just swipe up once and open the “Weather” app.


weather app oepn min


Step 2  – On the Weather app, tap the ≡ on the top-left corner.

Step 3 – Now, you will see the “⚙️”. Tap that to open the Settings.


gear setting weather min


Step 4 – It will take you directly in the Use Current Location consent page. Just make sure that it is turned “On“.


use current location agree min


Jump on to the next solution, if this one fails to fix the issue.


Fix 5 – Clear the Weather app cache

Clearing the stored up Weather app cache can fix this problem.

Step 1 – Quickly hold the Weather widget and touch the “” to open the Weather settings.


widget setting min e1691172450890


Step 2 – Scroll down until you have located the “Storage” settings. Open that up.


storage min 1


Step 3 – On the Weather Storage page, use the “Clear cache” program to clear the Weather app cache.


clear weather cche min


After clearing up the Weather app cache, tap once on the Weather widget to update it on your phone.


Fix 6 – Delete the Weather widget and re-add that

Delete the Weather widget and re-add that to your phone.

Step 1 – Just hold the Weather widget on your home screen.

Step  2 – This time, tap the “Remove🗑️” icon to remove the widget.


remove min


Weather widget is now gone from your phone.

Step 3 – You have to add widget now. So, tap the Home screen for a few seconds.

Step 4 – Tap “Widget” to add a new one.


add an widget min


Step 5 Scroll downwards to find the “Weather“. Expand that.

Step 6 – Select your favorite type of Weather widget and place it on the home screen.


weather add min


Usually, all the location related data automatically syncs.

Step 7 – Just swipe down twice to see the complete list of items on the Notifications Shade.

Step 8 – Make sure the “Location” is enabled.


location min


That’s it! Weather widget should start to work normally once again.


Fix 7 – Update the Weather app

Make sure the Weather app you are using is updated to the latest version.

Step 1 – Hold the Weather app widget until the floating context window appears.

Step 2 – Next, you have to touch the “” to open the Weather settings.


widget setting min


Step 3 – Open the “Weather settings” to access that.


wether settings min


Step 4 – There, you will find an option called “About Weather” to open the Weather settings.


about weather min


Step 5 – If there is an update, Weather app will automatically install that on your phone.

Step 6 – Otherwise, it will show you this –

The latest version is already installed.


weather app update min


Quit the Weather app.


Fix 8 – Turn off the Data Saver

Additionally, if your phone has the Data Saver plan turned On, it can affect the update component of the Weather app.

Step 1 – It is quite easy to turn off the Data Saver on your Samsung phone. Just swipe down once.

Step 2 – Then, swipe left or right to find the “Ultra Data Saving” mode option.

Make sure it is turned off.


disable data saving min


This way, data saving mode won’t affect the Weather app on your phone.


Fix 9 – Reset all the network settings

The final solution in our list is to reset all the network settings on your phone.

NOTE – Every stored WIFI hotspot details (passwords) and some other network related information (nothing important) will be wiped out while resetting the network settings.

Step 1 – Open the Settings utility on the device.

Step 2 – Go ahead and open the “General Management” to open that setting up.


general management min e1691172145618


Step 3 – Afterwards, open the “Reset“.


reset min 1 e1691171471701


Step 4 – On the main Reset page, touch the “Reset network settings” to open that.


reset network settings min e1691171860231


Resetting the network settings should fix the Weather widget issue you are currently facing.

Additional Tip –

Weather app on your Samsung device can become very frustrating. If nothing so far has worked, there are a ton of good Weather apps available on the Play Store. You can even use your Google Assistant for the latest weather update or forecast, with “Hey Google, how’s the Weather?” prompt or any like this.