Reduce Background Noise of Built-in Microphone in Your Windows 10 / 11

Whether you are on a Skype call or attending online business meetings, the built-in Microphone of your laptop plays a major role. The microphone is so sensitive that it easily picks up the background noise thus, creating a lot of disturbance while you are on an important voice or video call online. Yes, that includes, sound recording too.

So, how do we get rid of this annoying background noise issue of your built-in microphone in your Windows 10 laptop? It’s easy, trust me. Let’s see how.

How to Remove Background Noise of Built-in Microphone in Windows 10 Laptop


Step 1 – Press Windows key + R to open run. Now, copy and paste mmsys.cpl in the run command box

Mmsys Cpl Min


Step 2: In the Sound pop-up window, click on the Recording tab and double-click on the Microphone.


Sound Recording Tab Microphone


Step 3:  In the new window (Microphone Properties), click on the Levels tab, find the Microphone tool, pull the slider up to increase the level to max, and under the Microphone Boost tool pull the slider down to reduce the boost level to the lowest (0.0 dB).  Hit OK to save the changes.


Microphone Properties Levels Tab Microsphone Slider Up Microphone Boost Slider Dow


Now right-click anywhere on the desktop and click Refresh. You are done and now the Background noise should be removed from the built-in microphone of your Windows 10 laptop.


Now, Check again, if it Fixes your problem, then well and good. If not, then try the steps given below.


Step 6: Click on Enhancements Tab.

Step 7 : Check the option Disable all Enhancements.


Disable Enhancements



Now, Check again, if it still does not work, then try the steps given below.

Step 8 РClick on Advanced 

Step 9 – Now, Try different sample rate and Bit depth from the dropdown and test, if its good for you.

Try Sound Frequencies


Method 2 – Disable Communication in sound control panel


Step 1: Press Windows key + R key together to open RUN.

Step 2 – Now, write control mmsys.cpl sounds in it and click OK.

Sound Control Panel



Step 3 – Click on Communications tab.

Step 4 – Select Do Nothing.


Communications Sound