How to fix red cross on WiFi in Windows 11

The red cross on your WiFi or any other network adapter actually tells that there are some issues with the network adapter and it can’t connect your machine to the internet due to some reasons. The main culprit behind this problem is the absence of a proper network adapter driver on your system. Don’t worry. You can very easily take care of this issue by following these easy solutions.


How to fix Red X on network adapters in Windows 10, 11

At first, we suggest trying out some preliminary checks and quick workarounds to fix the issue with lesser effort.

Fix 1 – Detach and plug in the network adapter

1. Detach the network adapter from the port of your computer.

2. Then wait for a minute.

3. After a minute, attach the network adapter to the port again.

Now, try to reconnect to the internet using the network adapter.


Fix 2 – Disable and enable the network card

The best solution to this issue is disabling and re-enabling the network card on the machine.

1. At first, right-click on the Windows icon on the taskbar and then tap on “Run“.

2. Then, type “ncpa.cpl” and click on “OK“.


Ncpa Cpl Network Connections Min


3. Here, you will find all the list of network adapters on your system.

4. Then, right-click on the network adapter that is showing the red X, and click on “Disable“.


Disable Min


This will disable the network adapter.

5. Now, right-click on the disabled network adapter and tap on the “Enable” to enable the network adapter.


Enable Min


Once you have done this, close the Network Connections window. You won’t notice the red cross icon over the network adapter again.


Fix 3 – Change the Internal WLAN settings from BIOS

You can enable the internal WLAN settings from BIOS.

1. At first, restart your computer.

2. When your computer is booting up, press and hold the “Delete” key on your keyboard to access the BIOS settings.

The actual key to open the boot settings on your computer may be different. Pay attention to the key to open the BIOS setup,  when the boot screen appears to the key to open the BIOS setup on your system.


Bios Setup


3.  When you are in the ‘BIOS’, go to the “Advanced” tab.

4. Then, use the arrow keys to select the “Internal WLAN” settings and hit Enter.

5. Now, select the “Enabled” and hit Enter, again.

12. Now, press the “F10” from your keyboard.


F10 Min


13. Now, select “Yes” to finally save and exit the bios settings on your computer.


Save Yes Min


Your computer will startup normally. You won’t see the red cross in the network adapter icon on the taskbar.

Your problem should be solved.