6 Ways to Open Sound Settings In Windows 10

Whenever you run into issues with your audio playback or microphone recordings, the first thing you have to access is your windows sound control panel. It lets you customize, adjust and configure the sound settings in your machine. Here, in this article, we have detailed 6 different ways through which you can open the sound control panel in your windows 10.

Please note that all the 6 ways mentioned in this article will launch the following sound control panel window:


Sound Control Panel Window


Method 1: From Windows Start Menu Search Bar

1. Start typing in sound settings to windows start menu search bar. From the results that appear, either click on Sound settings option from left window pane or you can click on the Open option from the right window pane.


1 Windows Start Menu Sound


2. Once the windows Settings app launches with the sound settings, make sure you are on the Sound page first and then click on Sound Control Panel link under the Related Settings header.


2 Sound Control Panel


That’s it. This will now launch the sound control panel for you.

Method 2: Through Run Command

1. Press WIN + R keys together to launch the Run command window. Once it launches, type in the following command and hit Enter key.

control mmsys.cpl sounds


3 Run Sound


That’s it. You should now be able to see the sound control panel in front of you.

Method 3: From Command Prompt

1. Launch Run window by pressing the keys WIN and R together. Then type in cmd to the run command box and press the Enter key.


4 Run Cmd


2. As next, copy and paste the following command  to command prompt window and hit Enter key to launch the sound control panel.

control mmsys.cpl sounds


5 Cmd Sound Command


Method 4: From Taskbar Sound Icon

1. Right click on the speaker icon that is located at the right corner of your taskbar. From the right click context menu, click on the option Open Sound settings.


6 Taskbar Sound


2. This will launch the windows Settings app. On the left window pane, click on Sound option and in the right window pane, under Related Settings section, click on the link that says Sound Control Panel to launch it.


7 Sound Control Panel Copy


Method 5: Through Windows Settings App

1. Press the keys WIN and I at once to launch the windows Settings app. Once it launches, click on the tile Personalization.


8 Settings Personalization


2. In the left window pane, click on the Themes option and in the right window pane, click on the Sounds tab.


9 Settings Themes Sounds


That’s it. Enjoy configuring the sound settings from the sound control panel.

Method 6: Direct from Control Panel

1. Launch Run dialog box by pressing the WIN and R keys together. When it opens up, type in control panel and hit Enter key.


10 Run Control Panel


2. Now in the control panel search window, type in sound and hit Enter key. This will list out the Sound settings options. As shown in the screenshot below, click on the link Sound.


11 Control Panel Sound


Hope you found the article useful.