How to Open Notepad in Windows 11 : Multiple Methods

Notepad is the open-source text editor application that is used by most of the windows users . This application is very easy and convenient to use with a simple interface. In this article, we have explained various methods on how to open notepad application in Windows 11.

Method 1: From Windows Search

1) To open Windows Search

Click on search icon on the taskbar and type Notepad.

2) Then, Click on Notepad app from the search results as shown below.


Then, Notepad application will be launched on your system.

Method 2: From Run Dialog box

1) To Open Run dialog box

Press Win + R keys together on your keyboard.

2) Then, type notepad and hit Enter key.

Open Notepad From Run Win11

This will open the Notepad application on your system.

Method 3: Using Command line tool

Step 1: Open Command Prompt

Press Win + R keys together on your keyboard.

Type cmd and hit Enter key.


Step 2: In the Command Prompt window

Type notepad and Press Enter key.

This will launch the Notepad application and then, you can close the command prompt tool.

Open Notepad From Cmd Win11

NOTE:- This command will work in Windows PowerShell application also.

Method 4: Using Desktop Shortcut

Step 1: Open File Explorer

Press Win + E keys together on your keyboard.

Then, Go into C: drive and double click on folder named Windows.

Step 2: In the Windows folder

Look for notepad application and Right click on notepad.

Select Show more options from the context menu.

Show More Options Notepad Application Win11

Step 3: In the Show more options

Click on Send to and select Desktop (create shortcut) from the list.

This will create a notepad shortcut on the Desktop.

Desktop Shortcut Notepad Win11

Step 4: Double click on the notepad- Shortcut icon on the desktop.

This will open up the Notepad application.

Notepad Shortcut Icon On Desktop Win11

Method 5: From Start menu

Step 1: Open Start menu

Press Win key on your keyboard.

Then, Click on All apps in the menu as shown below.

All Apps Start Menu Win11

Step 2: In the Apps list

Scroll down the list and look for Notepad.

Click on Notepad as shown below.

This will open the Notepad application for you.

Notepad From Start Menu Win11


Method 6: Using Keyboard Shortcut.

Keyboard shortcut is probably the most easiest method to open any application.

Step 1: Go to Desktop

Right click on the notepad-Shortcut icon.

Then, click on Show more options from the context menu.

Notepad Shortcut Show More Options Win11 11zon


Step 2: In the Show more options list

Select Properties from the list as shown below.

Properties Of Notepad Win11

Step 3: In the Properties window

Click on Shortcut key field and press N key on your keyboard.

This will automatically set Ctrl + Alt + N in the Shortcut key.

Then, Click Apply and OK to close.

Shortcut Key For Notepad Properties Win11

If you want to open the Notepad application, just press CTRL + ALT + N keys together on your keyboard.

That’s it.

Method 7: Pin to Taskbar / Start menu

1) Press Win key on your keyboard.

2) Type notepadĀ and right click on the Notepad from search results.

3) Then, Click on Pin on Start and Pin to taskbar from the context menu.

Pin Notepad To Taskbar And Start Win11

Now you can see that the notepad icon is pinned onto taskbar and also start menu from where you can open by clicking it.


Method 8: Using ‘Open with’ option from the context menu

1) Right click on any text file.

2) Then, Select Open with > Notepad.

Open With Notepad Win11 11zon

This will open the document with Notepad application and from there you can open any other text file and work on it.

Method 9: From File Explorer

1) Press Win + E keys together on your keyboard.

This opens the File Explorer.

2) Then, Copy and Paste the following path in the address bar.


Hit Enter key.

This will open the Notepad application on your system.

That’s it guys.

Hope you liked this article and was informative.

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