How to convert PDF to Excel [Multiple Methods]

Suppose you have a big PDF document of an important Excel sheet, and you want to change something or format it in Excel. As you know you can’t directly edit or read PDFs of data sheets in Excel. You have to convert it and then open it. So, what can you do? You can convert your PDF file into a fully editable Excel sheet in many ways.


Method 1 – Using Word

The quickest method of all is to directly open the file from Word, which the latter first converts into a .doc file, and then, then you can copy the contents into a blank excel sheet.

1. Type “Word” in the search bar.

2. Next, click the “Word” app to open it.


Word Click Min


3. Next, click “File” on the menu bar.

4. Go to the “Open” section.


Open It Min


5. Minimize Word once it launches.

6. Reach the location of the PDF file in File Explorer.


Sample Data D Min


7. Now, maximize Microsft Word.

8. Then, select the pdf file that you want to convert and drag & drop it to Word.


Send Sample Data Min


9. A message like this will appear.

Word will now convert your PDF to an editable Word document. This may take a while.


10. Tap “OK” to start the process.


Yes To Pdf Creation Min


Word will now take a while to convert the file to a .doc file and eventually loads up it in Word.

11. Once that is opened, the contents of the original excel sheet will be loaded in a table format.

12. Simply, select the contents of the table and hit the Ctrl+C keys to copy that.


Copy From Here Min


13. Open a blank document in Excel and paste it there.


Yes To Pdf Creation MinPaste It There Min


That’s it! This is the quickest, easiest, and most secure way to convert the pdf into an excel sheet without any third-party tool or website.


Method 2 – Website based conversion

You can easily convert the pdf file into an Excel document using a free website.

NOTE – There are tons of free pdf conversion websites available. But, the security of your data file can’t be guaranteed on any of these websites (even if the FAQ page tells you so). So, either use the first method to convert or use trusted softwares like Adobe Reader to do that.

1. Open IlovePdf.

2. Now, click on “Select PDF file” to select the file.


Select Pdf File Min


3. Next, navigate to the location of the pdf file that you want to convert.

4. Select that pdf file and tap “Open“.


Open The Sample Min


5. Now, just tap “Convert to EXCEL” to convert the file into a .xlsx file.


Convert To Excel Min

6. Depending on the file size, and network bandwidth, the conversion will be done within a few seconds.

7. After that, tap “Download EXCEL“.


Download Excel Min


That’s it! This way, you won’t have to use the Word app at all.


Method 3 – Use Adobe Reader DC

If you have Adobe Reader Pro, you can use it to convert the pdf directly to a spreadsheet.

1. Head on to the location of the pdf file.

2. Then, right-tap the file and tap “Open with>“.

3. Next, choose the “Adobe Acrobat DC” app to open it.


Open With Adobe Acrobat Reader Min


4. Once it opens up, tap the “File” menu to access that.

5. Then, click the “Export>” option to access that.


Export To Min


6. Now, on the context menu, tap the “Spreadsheet>” option.

7. Then, tap “Microsoft Excel Workbook” from the context menu.


Excel Workbook Min


8. Choose a location to save the file.

9. Name the file and tap “Save” to save it.


Save In Adobe Min


Now, just wait for Adobe Reader to convert the file into an excel spreadsheet.

This way, you can easily convert your pdf file into an excel file.