How to Add a New Key in Registry Editor in Windows 11

Windows Registry is a database in the system where all the information regarding settings, values or locations of installed programs are being stored. Initially when Microsoft launched windows operating system, it used to store all the installed programs information in .ini files. But now most of the programs’ details are saved in the registry which is very crucial so you should be extra careful while editing the registry file. If something goes wrong while editing the registry, then it can totally destroy the system. A new key is added to the registry after you have installed a program on your system which stores its version, location value. In this article, we will guide you on how to add a new key in the registry editor on your Windows 11 PC

How to Add New Key in Registry Editor in Windows 11

Step 1: Open the Registry Editor

Press Win + R keys together on your keyboard.

Type regedit and press Enter key.

Then, Click Yes on the UAC prompt to proceed.

1 Run Regedit Optimized

Step 2: In the Registry Editor

You can observe that there are many root keys in the left pane of the window.

To navigate through the keys, you need to double click on the key to expand.

When you reach the registry key where you want to add a new key, right click on it and select New from the context menu.

Then, Click Key from the list as shown below.


Add New Key In Registry Editor Win11

Step 3: Now, a new key is added in the selected registry key.

You can further rename it if you want.

New Key Is Created In Registry

That’s all guys.

We have shown in this article how to add a new key in any registry key using registry editor.

Hope this article was informative and please leave us comments below for any questions.

Thank you.

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  1. Nope.
    Can not edit registry.
    Can not edit rename or delete any keys.
    Can not enable or alter permissions.
    I am the sole user of this pc and can not fix several problems with it….
    All rooted in registry entries that I can not change
    Disabled all protections, booted in safe mode with no internet connection, and still am not allowed.

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