An Open Letter To the God of Internet ! Google

Dear Google,

 i am a budding blogger and webmaster who aspire to earn his bread and Porsche through internet. I saw Internet as a medium which can change my life in a short duration of time with almost no money in my pocket. I took a plunge , quit my job and started building my life around it.

  But when i entered this world, i saw that you are the unanimously chosen leader of this place. You are the God of this religion named internet, who everyone worships willingly or unwillingly. Web Publishers and entrepreneurs grow via your search engine and market themselves. We have no other option than to build more and more relevant links to rank high in your search results. And then you periodically kick our asses with Panda and Penguin updates and we never utter a word. You are the reason why a 17 year old Day Dreamer is still living his dream of becoming overnight millionaire trying to build the flappiest app via your Play Store. You send Adsense Cheques to 90% of the Bloggers in the world and they slog day and night to produce great content.

 But when they see you stealing their content, they get shocked just like me.


But, Not a single blogger or web Publisher uttered a word and why Not. The web Traffic, Revenue and lives depends upon You. You can Fart their life away.

Then One day i saw you slapping Health and Nutrition websites like this.


I chose to forget this Incident as i was not a Health Blogger and kept a 2 minute silence for their Loss.

 One more afternoon, i was hoping to go to Mumbai and i searched this and got an immediate response from you.


I saw that below your money making sponsored links (Which is of course needed ! I mean that is your core Business), You have shown the tool building skills by your highly talented engineers and shamed skyscanner and expedia and shown them the door. As , i am a Programmer also, i know how painful it is to build a Bug Free Price scrapping search engine and then seeing them dying like this. I thanked God for dropping this idea last summer and continued my bookings for the journey.

Then i Saw This


And This

web directory

And This


I was really sad for all of them. I know your one of the first slogan was that you are not Evil. I know your main business lies in sponsored search results above organic one. But, its good that you are learning the principles of trade. You are retaining visitors on your search pages. You have built Directories, Social Network (Google Plus), Youtube centered around your Search Box. You enforce them on us, when we search something. Its Ok. whats wrong in being selfish. Everyone does that. Please continue with your Philanthropic work. But what i saw today is unbearable. I am a Tech Blogger writing How to Articles and one day when i was in the middle of a search operation , i saw this.


Now, Dear Google can you explain this to me. Holy Shit, you scrapped the whole steps of the article and made it meaningless to visit the URL. Please stop this. My inner selfish consciousness is telling me its wrong Or if Possible, Please suggest me another career option.


1 thought on “An Open Letter To the God of Internet ! Google”

  1. all of this except maybe the very last example are completely fine to me, and I am very happy that Google provides these extremely accessible and straightforward tools. there’s nothing wrong with showing a small preview or summary and then linking to the website for the full content. it’s simply a much better user experience and this is what it’s all for in the end. and if the main feature your website offers is so simple that it can be implemented within the result page of a search query (e.g. conversion tools), your service is just not special enough to survive in the first place i’d reckon.

    as for the last example, yes, that may be a little over the top. but notice that Google did not pull the full article, and that there’s a “forums” in the url, indicating that this website is supposed to be a message board where it is mostly pointless to just read a section of the opening post, but generally more interesting to read the replies, which Google doesn’t preview.

    and what’s funny on top of that is that Google even displays the content of that site better than the site itself… it looks really weird having a step by step list as a text block without any indicator where the next step begins, whereas Google nicely puts numbers in front of each step (expected behavior of ).

    and lastly, Google offers quite extensive customization options for how your site appears within their search results… i’m not 100% sure if it’s possible to disallow/change things like the preview of the last example, but i can imagine it is. better google it…

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