How to Open command prompt as admin in Windows 10 / 11

Opening command prompt as admin gives you the power to run commands which require administrator privilege. It is also known as elevated command prompt. So, lets discuss methods of opening command prompt with admin rights.


Using windows taskbar search

Step 1 – Search CMD in windows 10 taskbar search.

Step 2 – Once the search result appears, just right click on command prompt icon.

Step 3 – Now, click on run as administrator.

Commandprompt As Admin Windows 10 Taskbar Search


Note – Instead of clicking on the search result and doing a right click,

you can just press CTRL + Shift +Enter to open the command prompt as administrator directly.


Open command prompt as admin via Run

1 – Press windows logo key and R together to open RUN.

2 – Now, write Control panel in it.

3 – Press CTRL + Shift + Enter together to open Command prompt as administrator.


Control Panel Windows 10

Using windows Quick Access menu

Step 1 – Press windows key + X from the keyboard.

Step 2 -Now, click on Command prompt (admin) to pen command prompt as admin.

Commandprompt As Admin Windows 10 Quick Access Menu