OneDrive Error Code: 0x800c0005, Your PC Isn’t Connected to the Internet Fix

The error message “Your PC isn’t connected to the internet, OneDrive (Error Code 0x800c0005)” appears even with an active internet connection. This is an error related to OneDrive and there’s nothing to do with your internet connection. This error usually shows up when a built-in or a 3rd party task breaks down during file download. The problem it seems is mainly due to the .DDL files going corrupt.

While that’s the major reason, other causes of the OneDrive Error Code: 0x800c0005, “Your PC isn’t connected to the internet” could be due to corrupt temp folders in the Windows Update, an interfering 3rd party antivirus software, if the NAT (Network Address Translation) is closed, if the DNS is contradictory, or if there’s an issue with the temporary files on Xbox One.

It could be anything, however, the good thing is, the issue can be resolved. Let’s see how.


Method 1: By Discontinuing OneDrive Personal (for Corporate Network)


If you are using OneDrive Personal in a company network environment by logging into Active Directory Account, then that is the reason behind the error. Corporate networks have their own set of regulations that will block any of your activity when connected to a OneDrive Personal account.

The OneDrive Personal accounts on corporate networks are not allowed to connect to the internet since it automatically assumes that the system is not connected to the internet. So, the best thing to do here would be to cease using OneDrive Personal on corporate networks.

Alternatively, you can follow the 2nd method.


Method 2: By Requesting Admin to Lift Restrictions


Those using OneDrive for Business and you are still getting an error, then there must be a network connection problem in your company. In such cases, you must contact your company’s System admin and check with him if there are any restrictions to the OneDrive connection or if there any blocks. They are the ones who have the privilege to remove any restrictions and once they lift the block, you can access OneDrive Business using the internet.

If this does not help, try the 3rd method.


Method 3: By Switching Off Firewall


Go to the Windows Defender Firewall settings and check how the rules are set. Chances are some rule is set in a way that it’s blocking OneDrive. In that case, you have reset the Firewall. Let’s see how.


Step 1: To open the Run command, press the Win + R keys together on your keyboard.


Step 2: As the Run command opens, type in Control Panel in the search box and the press the OK button.


Run Command Search Control Panel Ok


Step 3: In the Control Panel window, set the View by section to Large icons (select from the drop-down next to it) and then click to open the Windows Defender Firewall option.


Control Panel Home View By Large Icons Windows Defender Firewall


Step 4: In the Windows Defender Firewall page, go to the left side and select Advanced settings.


Windows Defender Firewall Left Side Advanced Settings


Step 5: It opens the Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security. Go to the left side of the window and select Outbound Rules.


Windows Defender Firewall With Advanced Security Left Side Outbound Rules


Step 6: Now, go to the Action tab at the top of the window, select Filter by Profile from the menu. Then select Filter by Domain Profile from the sub-menu.


Action Filer By Profile Filter By Domain Profile


Check if there’s any rule set for OneDrive. If there, Disable it.

Now, sign out and sign in to your OneDrive to check if the issue is gone. If the issues still persists, follow the 4th method.


Method 4: By Turning Off EnableAutoproxyResultCache


This method is for those who have set up a proxy on their system or using a VPN. Doing this can block your OneDrive access. Therefore, disabling the proxy is a better idea as shown below:


*Note – Before you make any changes to the Registry Editor, make sure you create a backup of the Registry content.


Step 1: Navigate to the Start button and type regedit in the search box.


Desktop Start Search Regedit


Step 2: As the result appears, left-click on it to open the Registry Editor.


Start Search Registry Editor Result


Step 3: Now, copy and paste the below path in the Registry Editor address bar and hit Enter:


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings


This will take you to the Internet Settings key.


Registry Editor Navigate To Path Internet Settings Key


Step 4: Go to the right side of the window, and right-click on the empty area. Select New and then DWORD (32-bit) Value from the right-click menu to create a new DWORD.


Registry Editor Internet Settings Right Side Right Click New Dword Value


Step 5: Now, rename the new DWORD Value as EnableAutoproxyResultCache.



New Dowrd Value Rename Enableautoproxyresultcache



Step 6: Double-click on the new DWORD Value to open the Edit DWRD (32-bit) Value dialogue box. Go to the Value data field and set it to 0.

Press OK to save the changes and exit.


Edit Dword Value Value Data 0 Ok


This will disable the proxy.

Now, simply reboot the PC for the changes to be effective. Now try accessing your OneDrive and it should work fine.