FIX – OneDrive Stuck on Processing Changes

Many users have reported that they are seeing One Drive Stuck in Processing Changes state. Mostly, OneDrive App is expected to be in Up to date state, Refer to the below screenshot for more details.


Onedrive Up To Date



When there is some issue with syncing the files, the One Drive will be seen in the Processing Changes state. Potential causes for this error are:

  • You have opened a file online and many other files are stuck in the uploading queue.
  • A file that is very large in size is syncing

This might be annoying as you can’t upload anything to your OneDrive Account. In case, you are wondering how to fix this issue, read this article. This article compiles the working list of solutions that can be used to fix the One Drive Stuck in Processing Changes state.

Fix 1: Unlink and Relink the OneDrive Account

Step 1: Right-click on the OneDrive icon from the bottom right corner of the Taskbar

Step 2: Click on Settings


Onedrive Settings



Step 3: In the Settings window that opens, make sure you are in the Account tab

Step 4: Under the One Drive Section, click on Unlink this PC




Onedrive Settings Accounttab Unlink This Pc

For Newer version of Windows

Click on Account Tab from left and then click on Unlink this PC

Unlink Onedrive

Step 5: In the Confirmation dialog that pops up asking for permission, click on the Unlink account button


Unlink Account Confirmation Dialog



Step 6: Note that it can take some time to unlink the account

Step 7: Open your browser and open the OneDrive Sign Page

Step 8: Sign-in into your account using your credentials

Step 9: Check and confirm if all the required files are present online in OneDrive

Step 10: Open File Explorer using the Windows+E combination

Step 11: From the left-hand side click on This PC

Step 12: Navigate to the folder where the OneDrive is located. By default, the OneDrive is present in C:\Users\%username%

Step 14: Right-click on the OneDrive Folder and click on Delete


Delete One Drive Folder




Step 15: Click on the OneDrive icon located on the taskbar

Step 16: From the pop-up, click on the Sign-in button



Sign In Onedrive



Step 17: Set up OneDrive window shows up. Enter your credentials and link the PC to your OneDrive account again.

Step 18: Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the setup. If you want the OneDrive folder to be set up in a different location, you can change the location during setup.

Step 19: When you try to sync the files from the Online OneDrive account, make sure to sync the smaller files first and then sync the larger files. By doing so, we avoid the chances of the OneDrive getting stuck on the Processing Changes state again.

Fix 2: Reset One Drive

Step 1: Open the Run Terminal (Windows+R)

Step 2: Enter the following command and hit Enter

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset


Reset Onedrive In Run



NOTE: If you see any error, enter the below command in the Run dialog and hit Enter:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

Step 10: In the search box located next to the Windows logo( Start Symbol), type OneDrive 

Step 11: Now, click on the OneDrive App as shown below



Search For Onedrive In Searchbox



Step 12: In the opening window, enter your sign-in credentials and set up OneDrive.

That’s All

We hope this article has been informative. Thank you for Reading.


Fix 3: Disable Proxy

1 – Open run by pressing Windows and R key

2 -Type INETCPL.CPL and click OK button

3 – Click Connections tab

4 – Click on Lan settings

5 – Make sure Automatically detect settings is selected

6 – Uncheck Use a proxy options

7- Click OK

Disable Proxy