How to change default browser in Windows 11

Microsoft Edge is at the core of Windows 11, 10. You can’t search anything on the web without opening the results/links in the Edge on a Windows machine. This is very much annoying as the desired search result doesn’t open up in the default browser. What if I tell you that you can set the default browser for any links/widgets/search results? Yes. There are tweaks that you can use to alter the Windows settings to change the default settings universally in the OS. Gif Maker


How to change the default browser settings universally in Windows 11

Changing the default browser in the Windows 11 is very easy. But altering the Search and News default settings is tricky.


Changing the default browser settings for Windows 11

You can easily tweak the default browser from the Windows settings.

1. At first, press the Windows key+I keys together.

2. Then, click on “Apps” on the left-hand pane.

3. Next, tap on “Default apps” on the right-hand side of the same window.


Default Apps Wind 11 Min


4. Now, scroll down through the list of apps on the right-hand side, and click on your preferred browser (In our case, it is “Google Chrome“).


Google Min


5. Then, in the ‘.html‘ files, tap on the “Microsoft Edge“.


Edge Tap Min


6. Now, you will see a list of apps. Select your preferred browser (Google Chrome in our case).

7. Finally, tap on “OK” to set it as default.


Select Chrome Min


This will set the browser as the default browser. But, there are some steps more.

8. Now, scroll down and look for ‘HTTP‘.

9. Tap on the “Microsoft Edge” of the ‘HTTP’.


Microsoft Edge In Https Min


10. Then, again select your preferred browser from the list of apps.

11. Next, tap on “OK” to save the change.


Select Chrome Min


12. This should automatically alter the default app settings of the ‘HTTPS’ links to your preferred browser.

13. If that doesn’t change the ‘HTTPS’, you can change it manually the same way.


Change All Min


Once you have done this, all the links will open in your preferred browser.


Changing the default settings for Search and News

You will need to use a third-party tool to tweak this setting as you can’t tweak directly from the Settings.

1. Go to the EdgeDeflector on GitHub.

2. Now, tap on the “EdgeDeflector_install.exe” to download it.


Edge Deflector Link Min


3. After downloading the tool, double click on the “EdgeDeflector_install” tool to install it.


Edge Deflector Min


4. Then, tap on “Install” once to install the tool on your system.


Install Min


After installing the app, a browser window will open. You can just close it.

5. Now, open the Settings window.

6. Then, click on “Apps” on the left-hand pane.

7. Next, click on “Default apps” on the right-hand side of the same window.


Default Apps Wind 11 Min


4. Now, scroll down and click on the “EdgeDeflector” in the list of apps.


Edgedeflector Select Min


5. Now, tap on the “Microsoft Edge” alter it.


Edge Select Min


6. Select “EdgeDeflector” from the list of apps to select it.

7. Finally, tap on “OK” to set it as default.


Edge Defl Select Ok Min


Close the Settings window.

That’s it! From now on, all the search results, widgets will open up in your preferred browser.