Now Google chrome is Blocking Torrent websites

Now, if you try to visit a torrent website on your Google chrome browser, the following red screen stops you from doing so.


When i tried to check the following website in safe browsing diagnostic tool




Don’t want Google to Block any of your websites

Just Go to Chrome://settings on your browser and click on show advanced settings. Now uncheck enable phishing and malware protection box. Although its not recommended.



Also, there is some sense in Google blocking these websites . Torrent Poisoning affects millions of user each day. People Looking for free things end up downloading dangerous Trojans and malwares they never wanted in their life.

The Most Popular Torrent Poisoning methods are -:

1. Decoy Insertion – In this the attacker uploads a file with misleading metadata and corrupt file which system and users can not verify at the first place. As a result, lot of users starts downloading it and numbers of seeds and leeches increase to an impressive number. There is a normal tendency to view a torrent file with more seeds as legit. Lot of user fall into this trap.

2. Index Poisoning – In this method, the attacker inserts a large number of invalid ip data to index files. When user tries to download files, the network takes a lot of time decoding those bogus ip addresses and the download does not start. This is a great way to buy time for attackers to connect to your System.

There are other infectious methods also which can force you to think 1000 times before downloading a file from the jungle out there. Needless to say, there are no free lunches in life.