Notepad not opening on Windows 10 PC (fix)

Many users have reported that they are not able to open the Notepad application in their system. When they double click on any text file, they see that the cursor rotates for some time and then stops. The Notepad just won’t open. The issue is also noticed with the MS Paint application as well.

This issue happens when:

  • Some other text editor is stopping Notepad from opening
  • Corrupted Windows Account

In case you are facing this issue, then do not worry. In this article, we will be discussing different ways of fixing the Notepad not opening issue.

Fix 7: Uninstall and Re-install Notepad

Step 1: Open Run terminal

Step 2: Enter the below command and hit Enter







Step 3: In the Settings > Apps > Apps & features window, click on Optional features



Optional Features



Step 4: In the search box type Notepad  as shown below

If Notepad does not appear in your PC, then Go directly to step 9, and click on Add a feature and search and add Notepad feature on your PC.

Step 5: Click on the Notepad application



Serach For Notepad Click On It



Step 6: Now, Click on the Uninstall button



Click On Uninstall



Step 7: Reboot the System

Step 8: Open the Optional Features Settings Page again (Follow the Steps 1 to 3)

Step 9: Click on Add a feature



Add A Feature



Step 10: In the search box, type Notepad



Serach For Notepad



Step 11: Now, click on the Notepad application and press the Reinstall button


Fix 1: Repair Windows image using DISM

Step 1: Open Run Dialog with keys Windows logo key+r

Step 2: In the Dialog, enter cmd and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter






Step 3: In the command prompt window that opens, Enter the following commands. Make sure to hit Enter after each command.

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth



NOTE: It will take some time for the commands to complete the execution.

Step 4: Restart your system and check if Notepad opens

If not, try the next fix.

Fix 2: Open Notepad from System32 or SysWOW64 Folder

Step 1: Open Windows Explorer holding the keys Windows+E

Step 2: In the top address bar, type the below location of SysWOW64



Step 3: Scroll down and double click on notepad.exe



Syswow64 Notepad Location



Step 4: You can also try opening notepad from the below location,



Check if this works, if not try the next fix.

Fix 3: Perform a Clean Boot of the System

At times, certain applications, prohibit Notepad from opening. By performing a clean boot, we will be able to know if any application was prohibiting Notepad from opening in the system

Step 1: Open the Run Command. Press the keys Windows+R.

Step 2: Type msconfig and hit Enter



Msconfig Run Dialog



Step 3: In the General tab, choose Selective startup

Step 4: Ensure that Load system services and Load startup items are checked.



Selective Startup



Step 5: Now, go to the Services tab

Step 6: Tick on Hide all Microsoft services and then click on Disable All button

Step 7: Click on Apply  and then click on OK



System Configuration Services Tab Min



Step 8: Go to the Startup tab, and click on Open Task Manager



Open Task Manager



Step 9: Right-Click on the application that you feel is causing the issue and Disable it. Repeat this for all the applications that you feel are causing the issue.



App At Startup Disable



Step 8: Now, Restart the computer. Check if the issue exists.

Step 9: If you see that the Notepad is opening now, this means that one of the applications was causing this issue. Disable one application at a time and check which application is the culprit. Once, the application is identified, you can Uninstall that application from your system


Fix 4: Make Notepad your default text editing application

Step 1: Hold Windows+r together to open Run Terminal

Step 2: Type ms-settings:defaultapps , and Press OK



Run For Defualt Apps



Step 3: In the Settings Window, Click on Choose default apps by file type



Default Apps



Step 4: Scroll down and look for the application associated with the .txt file type and click on the application associated with it. If there is no application associated, you can see a + symbol.



Click On Default Application



Step 5: You can see a pop-up appearing, with the list of applications that can be used to open the file type. Choose Notepad



Choose Application



Fix 5: Ensure the Apps can run in the Background

Step 1: On Holding the keys Windows+R, a Run terminal opens

Step 2: Type ms-settings:privacy-backgroundapps  and press OK



Ms Settings Privacy Background Apps



Step 3: In the Settings > Privacy > Background Apps window that opens, toggle the button Let apps run in the background



Let Apps Run In Background



Step 4: Restart the Computer

Fix 6: Reset Notepad Application to its default settings

Step 1: Open the Run window by pressing the buttons Win Key+r from your keyboard

Step 2: Type regedit and press OK



Regedit In Run



Step 3: In the UAC window that asks for permission, just click on Yes


NOTE: Registry editing can have an adverse effect on the system even with the slightest mistake. It is advised to take the backup of the registry before proceeding. To take a backup, In the Registry Editor–> Go to File –> Export –> Save your Backup file.


Step 4: In the Editor window, in the top bar, copy-paste the below location



Step 5: Right-click on the Notepad folder as shown below and select Delete from the context menu.



Regedit Notepad Delete



This will reset the Notepad settings to their default.

Step 6: Restart the computer.

Fix 8: Create a New User Account

At times, when the user account is corrupted, Windows Apps like Notepad, Paint doesn’t work as expected, creating a new Windows User Profile has helped. To do so, refer How to Create a New Local User Account in Windows 10

Check if this helps to resolve the issue.


Fix 9: Use an Alternative Text Editor

If you have tried all the fixes listed above and yet see that the Notepad is not opening, then it would be better to consider alternative Text editors like Notepad++, Atom, et