Not Receiving Instagram Notifications on iPhone, How to Fix

Social Media Platforms give us the opportunity to stay connected to our friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. by sending messages, sharing posts, and so on. But this can be done when you receive notifications from the apps on your mobile phone.

Nowadays, we are seeing several reports mentioning an issue where iPhone users are not receiving any Instagram notifications on their iPhones. This is making these users frustrated since they are not able to communicate effectively with others on Instagram.

The main reasons for causing this problem could be one of the following listed below.

  1. Outdated Instagram app.
  2. Disabling the Notifications settings on the iPhone.
  3. Background App Refresh feature is turned off.
  4. Enabling the Do Not Disturb Mode on the iPhone.

After researching the mentioned points above, we have compiled a set of solutions in the article below that will definitely resolve your issue.

Fix 1 – Enable the Notifications Settings for the Instagram app

Step 1: Launch the Settings page and select the Notifications option.


notifications settings 11zon


Step 2: Click on Show Previews.


show previews 11zon


Step 3: Now tap on Always.


Always 11zon


Step 4: Go back to the Notifications page and scroll down the list and tap on Instagram.


instagram settings 11zon


Step 5: You should enable the Allow Notifications option by clicking on its toggle button.

Step 6: Also, enable other notification alert settings like Banner Style, Sounds, etc.


allow notifications insta 11zon


Fix 2 – Check the Instagram Notifications Settings within the app

Step 1: You should first open the Instagram app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select the Profile icon at the bottom right side and click the three-line menu at the top.


three line menu 11zon


Step 3: Click Settings and privacy.


settings and privacy 11zon 1


Step 4: Now tap on the Notifications option as shown below.


notifications 11zon


Step 5: Here you will find all the Push notifications options.

Step 6: Check each and every option one by one and make sure you have enabled the notifications.


Fix 3 – Disable the Low Power Mode and Low Data Mode

Step 1: First, you can start with the low power mode.

Step 2: Go to the Settings app and click on the Battery option.


battery settings 11zon


Step 3: Then turn off the Low Power Mode option by clicking on its toggle button as shown below.


Low Power Mode Disable 11zon


Step 4: After doing this, go back to the Settings app and select the Mobile Data option.


mobile data 11zon 1


Step 5: Now select Mobile Data Options.


Mobile Data Options 11zon


Step 6: Click on the Data Mode option as shown in the below screenshot.


Data Mode 11zon


Step 7: Make sure you have selected the Standard option from the list as shown below.


Standard Data Mode 11zon


Fix 4 – Update the Instagram app

Step 1: Go to the App Store on the iPhone.

Step 2: Once the App opens, click on the Search tab at the bottom.


Search App Store 11zon


Step 3: Type Instagram in the search bar at the top and select the Instagram option from the dropdown results.


search instagram 11zon


Step 4: Once the Instagram page appears, click on the Update option if there is any update available for the Instagram app.

Step 5: Otherwise, it will show Open.


Open Instagram 11zon


Fix 5 – Enable the Background App Refresh feature

Step 1: Open the Settings page.

Step 2: Go to the General option.


general settings 11zon 4


Step 3: Now select the Background App Refresh option from the general menu.


Background App Refresh 11zon 2


Step 4: Tap on Background App Refresh at the top.


Select Background App Refresh 11zon


Step 5: You need to select the Wi-Fi & Mobile Data option from the list as shown in the below screenshot.


Wifi and mobile data 11zon


Additional Fixes to Try

  1. Restart the device – Clearing the internal technical bugs within the iPhone can fix this problem on your iPhone by simply restarting the iPhone.
  2. Update the iPhone’s iOS software – iOS software on iPhone when not updated regularly can cause such issues as mentioned in the article above. Therefore, try updating the iPhone software and see if this helps in fixing this issue.
  3. Turn Off the Do Not Disturb Mode – If the Do Not Disturb mode is activated on your iPhone, it does not allow users to get notified of all the incoming calls, messages, and other notifications from apps. So you should go to the Control Center screen and turn off the Do Not Disturb mode.
  4. Check your Internet connection – For any notifications from all the social media apps to get received on your iPhone, you need to have a good Internet connection. If not, restart your Wi-Fi router to refresh the signal. If still you are not getting a good internet connection, switch from Wi-Fi to Mobile Data.