How to Turn On / Off Notifications Alerts On The Lock Screen / Notifications Center / Banners on iPhone

We will have so many apps installed on our phones. Most of the apps will have push notifications to alert you. Notifications can be deals notifications, notifications of calls or messages received social media update notifications, etc.  When you have apps installed, you might get too many notification alerts.  This might distract you from the work which you are focused on or might distract the environment around you. If you are in the office or on any important work you might need to turn the notification alerts off instead of putting the phone in silent mode. Also, you can try to move the notifications from the lock screen to notification centers, or instead of banners you can see them on the lock screen at your convenience. Let us see how to turn the notifications alerts off/on the lock screen/notification center/banners in iPhone below.

Turning on the Notification Alerts on your iPhone

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down to select Notifications.


Notifications Min


Step 3: Select any app that you want to change the notification settings.


Amazon App Min


Step 4:  Choose from any of the 3 options of Lock Screen, Notification center, or Banners. As per your choice of option, it will be available on the lock screen or in banners, or in the notification center. You can select Notification center if you want to find all notifications in one place and you may not miss out on any notifications by doing this. You can always go to the notification center and check for notifications.


Notification Options Min



1. You can choose any of the 3 as a combination to determine where the notifications will appear. You can also choose this for other apps. One thing to note is that this needs to be done individually for each app. One setting does not fit all apps in this case. Some apps will allow you to use only banners or notification centers.

2. You can disable Allow Notifications option if you do not want to receive notifications from the app forever.


Allow Notification On Min


Notification Off Min

That’s all folks!! Isn’t it simple? If you don’t want to miss the calls and don’t want to get distracted from useless notifications you can turn them off and make your life easy. Anand Mahindra once tweeted that turning off app notifications on his phone had boosted his productivity. Comment and let us know which are those apps, whose notifications you feel are irrelevant always. Also, let us know what what is the average amount of notifications you get in a day with all the installed apps on your phone. Thanks for reading!!