How to Mute unwanted skype audio alerts

How to Mute / Stop  unwanted skype audio alerts: – You are home from a hectic day at work. All you want at the moment is some time alone with your PC, read your favourite blog online and sip in your hot coffee. That’s when your Skype starts yelling and whirring, seeking your attention. It could be an old friend who just got lonely or a group conversation where you totally do not belong to. Whatever it is, you are not in the mood to spend your hard earned free time in there. And you totally would love it if you could just stuff something in Skype’s mouth to keep it quiet. Obviously, you do not want to sign out of it as it means you could miss something important as well. This is when the option of turning the Skype audio alerts pops into anyone’s mind. Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Read on, to learn how to turn off Skype audio alerts both for group and individual conversations. You can always turn them on whenever you want to. So no issues on that front either.

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  • Launch Skype and log on to it with your login credentials. Let’s see how to turn off notifications for an annoying group converstaion first. For that, locate the group Settings and click on it as shown in the screenshot.



  • Clicking on Settings opens a new window for changing group profile settings. Find a section named Conversation notifications. Look for an option that says Notify me when something new happens. Uncheck the checkbox corresponding to that option to opt out of the group alerts.



  • If you do not have time for executing the previous step, simply type in the following command in your chat textbox and hit enter. Don’t worry, the group members will not be able to see this command.



  • What if you want to turn the notifications on? Just type in the following command just like before.



  • Now if you want to be saved from individual conversation alerts as well, simple find the tab Conversations from the menu options at the top and click on it. From the menu that gets expanded out, click on the one that says Notification Settings.



  • In the new IM notifications settings window that opens, you have all the options that you have always wanted for. You can check the checkbox as per your choice. If you want to be notified only when some specific words are mentioned in a chat, you can opt for the third option which is notify me only if these words are mentioned.


That’s it. Now no disruptions are going to trouble you when you do not want them to. You can always revert back the settings when you are in the mood to freely engage in conversations. Hope you had fun reading the article.