Mouse is Selecting Everything When I Click in Windows 11 [Solved]

Recently several windows users have experienced a problem with their windows system that everything gets selected or highlighted when they click using the mouse instead of functioning as expected by the user. This made the users helpless since they are unable to do any task without the use of the mouse such as selecting a part of the paragraphs for copy-pasting, etc.

There can be many reasons for this issue and it may be because of an outdated mouse driver, sticky keys option is enabled, enabling ClickLock feature, etc. These are a few of the possibilities that we thought could have the potential to cause this problem.

Having these points in mind, we researched and gathered a few solutions in this article which can easily resolve this issue on the windows system.

Method 1 – Disable the ClickLock feature if it is enabled

ClickLock feature is something which allows the users to select the texts, or files or drag any folder, or files with just clicking once and not holding the mouse button till you do the task. This might be useful for some users but most of the users are facing the problem explained above if this feature is enabled on the system.

Therefore we suggest users disable the ClickLock feature on their system if it was enabled unknowingly by some other users. Here are the steps below on how to do it.

Step 1: Open theĀ Run command box on your system by pressing and holding the Windows and R keys together on the keyboard.

Step 2: After the Run command box appears on the system screen, type main.cpl in the textbox and hit Enter key.


Mail Cpl Run 11zon


Step 3: This will open the Mouse properties window on the system.

Step 4: In the Mouse Properties window, make sure you are in the Buttons tab by clicking on it.

Step 5: Then at the bottom, there is a section called ClickLock. Please uncheck the Turn on ClickLock checkbox by unselecting it as shown below.

Step 6: Please click Apply and OK to reflect changes and close the Mouse Properties window.


Disable Clicklock 11zon


Now check if the issue got resolved. If not, try other solutions below.

Method 2 – Disable the Sticky Keys

Some windows users have commented that they were able to solve this issue on their system by simple disabling the Sticky keys feature. So we recommend users try and see if disabling sticky keys works for you.

Let us see how this can be done using the steps explained below.

Step 1: Open the Accessibility page on your system by pressing the Windows and U keys together.

Step 2: Then click Keyboard option under Interaction section at the bottom by scrolling the page as shown below.


Open Keyboard 11zon


Step 3: Then click the Sticky Keys toggle button to turn it Off as shown below.


Turn Off Toggle Button Sticky Keys 11zon


Step 4: Click Sticky Keys to see more options.


Go Into Sticky Keys More Options 11zon


Step 5: Now Turn Off all the toggle buttons listed on the Sticky Keys page as shown below.


Turn Off All Toggle Buttons Sticky Keys 11zon


Step 4: Now close the Accessibility page once done.

Method 3 – Update the Mouse Driver

The outdated mouse driver can be the cause of the problem explained above. So let us see how to update the mouse driver using device manager with the help of the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Device Manager on the system by pressing and holding the Windows and X keys together and then hitting the M key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Double click on the Mice and other pointing devices option from the list to expand it as shown below.

Step 3: Then, you should right-click on the Mouse device and select Update driver from the context menu as shown below.


Update Driver Mouse 11zon


Step 4: Select Search automatically for drivers from the options in the Update Driver window as shown below.


Search Auto For Drivers Mouse 11zon


Step 5: It will then starts to update the mouse driver on your system.

Method 4 – Re-Install the Mouse Device

Sometimes updating the mouse driver does not help in fixing this issue. So it is better to try uninstalling and then reinstalling the mouse device on your system. After uninstalling, you need to restart the system so that windows could install the mouse device on your system.

Follow the steps below on how to uninstall and reinstall the mouse device using the device manager.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and type device manager using the keyboard.

Step 2: Press the Enter key or Select Device Manager from the search results by clicking on it as shown below.


Open Device Manager Windows Min


Step 3: Once the Device Manager window opens, you should expand the Mice and other pointing devices option by double-clicking on it as shown below.

Step 4: Then, right-click on the mouse device and click Uninstall device from its contextual menu as shown below.


Uninstall Mouse Device 11zon


Step 5: This will uninstall the mouse device.

Step 6: Now restart the system once.

Step 7: After the system gets restarted, you can see that the mouse device gets reinstalled by the windows and it should work fine.