MMS Messaging Option is Missing on iPhone, How to Fix

Even though there are many different social media applications to send images, music files, and videos to others like WhatsApp and Snapchat, some iPhone users still prefer sending MMS to their friends and closed ones.

Recently, many iPhone users have felt that they are not able to send any MMS from their iPhone and neither do they receive from others. When they tried enabling it on their iPhones, the MMS Messaging option was missing from the Messages settings menu.

This issue could have occurred due to a problem with the network carrier, an issue with the SIM card, and so on. If you are also facing this problem with your iPhone, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

In this post, we are going to explain how you can resolve this issue with some brilliant troubleshooting tips.

Fix 1 – Re-insert the SIM Card

Sometimes, such issues occur due to not placing the SIM card properly into the cardholder on your iPhone. To resolve that, you need to first eject the cardholder from the iPhone by inserting a tip tool into the hole on the side of the iPhone. You may have to remove the iPhone case/cover first. After the iPhone ejects the SIM cardholder, take the SIM card out of the holder and wipe it using a clean cloth. Now place it back into the cardholder properly and carefully.

Before inserting back the cardholder into the iPhone, you need to restart your iPhone. After your iPhone has been restarted successfully, insert the cardholder into the iPhone from the side. This should enable the MMS Messaging option.


insert sim card 11zon


Fix 2 – Ask others to send you an MMS

When you are unable to send any MMS to others from your iPhone, you can activate it by triggering it. In order to trigger the MMS, you should first ask someone else to send you an MMS on your iPhone and when you receive an MMS successfully, it will enable the MMS Messaging option on your iPhone.

This trick has worked for many iPhone users therefore, we request our users also try implementing this method.

Fix 3 – Try Updating the iPhone’s iOS software

If Apple has released any recent update build and you have not installed it on your iPhone, this might be another reason why you are facing this issue on your iPhone. So try updating the iOS software on your iPhone and once the iPhone’s software is updated, go to Settings -> Messages and then check for the MMS Messaging option.


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Fix 4 – Contact your Mobile Network Service Provider

If nothing else is working out for you in resolving this issue, there could be some problem with your network service provider and coverage area, so try contacting your mobile network service provider and mention your issue with them and get it resolved.