Microsoft Teams screen display turn blue or gray while accessing files Fix

Is the screen of Microsoft Teams appears to be blue or gray while accessing some files? This seems to be an issue of the corrupted Teams cache that has caused this issue. So, clearing the Teams cache should help you fix the blue or gray screen issue in Teams.


Fix 1 – Quit Teams and reopen it

Quit Teams and then reopen it all together. Then, try to access the files through Teams again and test.

Step 1 – Close the Teams application on your computer. Usually, this doesn’t completely close the app. It continues to run in the background.

Step 2 – So what you have to do is to click the arrow icon on your taskbar. You can find the “Teams” icon in the system tray.

Step 3 – Then, just right-click “Teams” and tap “Quit” to quit Teams.


quit teams min


After quitting Teams, wait for a while. Then, launch Teams and wait for it to load up.

Now try to access the files and test.


Fix 2 – Clean the Teams cache

As we have mentioned before, this can be caused by the corrupted Teams cache, stored locally on your system.

Step 1 – While the Teams app is opened up on your system, exit it.

Step 2 – Again, click on the arrow icon on the taskbar to access the system tray. Now, right-tap the Teams icon there and tap “Quit” to exit Teams.


quit teams min


Step 3 – Now, right-click the Start button and tap “Task Manager” to open that up.


task manager min


Step 4 – Just scroll down the streams of processes and make sure there aren’t any “Microsoft Teams” processes running in the background.

Step 5 – If you can locate any such Teams-related process, right-tap “Microsoft Teams” and tap “End task“.


teams quit min


Exit Task Manager.

Step 6 – Hit the Win+R keys together. This will pop up in the Run box.

Step 7 – Then, type this and hit Enter to head on to the Teams folder on your system.



appdata teams min


Step 8 – Inside the Teams folder, select every Teams file and folder using the mouse.

Step 9 – Tap “Delete” to empty the folder.


clear teams min


After clearing the Teams directory, close it.

Step 10 – Now, relaunch Teams and test if this works.

Check if this works.


Fix 3 – Sign out Teams and sign in to Teams

If clearing the Teams cache doesn’t work out, sign out of Teams and then, sign in to Teams.

Step 1 – Type “Teams” in the search box located just beside the Start menu.

Step 2 – Then, click “Microsoft Teams” in the search result.


open teams min


Step 3 – On the MS Teams page, click your account to open it. So, click “Sign out” to sign out of MS Teams from your system. 


sign out teams min


You will see this message –

We'll sign you out and remove any offline data, including message drafts.

Step 4 – Then, click “Sign out” to sign out of your account.


sign out sure min


This will load up the default Teams home page.

Step 5 – If you can find your previously used account there, click that.

[Otherwise, if you want to use an alternative account, click “Use another account“. You have to log in with your account credentials.]


select account min


Now, try to access the offline files through Teams and check whether they are appearing blue or gray. Check if this works.


Fix 4 – Reset the Teams app

Try resetting or repairing Teams.

Make sure that you have closed Teams completely. Then,

Step 1 – Hold the ⊞ Win+S keys together. Next, write “Teams“.

Step 2 – Then, right-tap “Microsoft Teams” and tap “App settings“.


teams app settings min


Microsoft Teams settings page should open up.

Step 3 – Slowly scroll down until you see the Reset section. Tap “Repair” to repair Teams.

Windows will repair Teams. When you see ✓ has appeared, launch Teams and test.


repair teams min


Before we proceed and do reset Teams, keep in mind that resetting Teams will remove all the offline files that you have created.

Step 4 – If Teams still doesn’t work, click “Reset” once. Further, tap “Reset” once more to reset Teams altogether.


reset teams min


Test Teams once more. Files won’t appear blue or gray anymore.


Fix 5 – Uninstall Teams and reinstall the app

Uninstall Teams from your system and then, reinstall the app again.

Steps to uninstall Teams

Step 1 – Simply use the ⊞ Win+X keys together to pull up the power user menu.

Step 2 – Then, click “Installed apps” from that menu.


installed apps min 2


Step 3 – Search “Teams” from the search box.

Step 4 – Wait till Microsoft Teams appears in the list. You shall find an ⋮ icon beside MS Teams. So, click that and tap “Uninstall“.


teams uninstall min


Step 5 – Just like any other app, click “Uninstall” to uninstall Microsoft Teams.


uninstall it min


Exit Settings once Teams is uninstalled.

Steps to reinstall Teams

Step 1 – Launch Store.

Step 2 – After launching Store, type “teams” in the search box.

Step 3 – Then, click “Microsoft Teams” to open that.


teams search min


Step 4 – Next, tap “Install” to install MS Teams.

Wait until Windows installs the Teams app.

Once it is installed log in using your account. Try to access the files again and test.