How To limit Upload and Download Rate for OneDrive in Windows 10

OneDrive is cloud-based storage by Microsoft where user can store photos, files, etc from your device and access it from anywhere and any device. Lets say you work on a excel at home in your laptop and then want to make a minor change to that excel while shopping, you can access the same file from your phone using OneDrive and make the changes. All it takes is a login to the OneDrive account. They have desktop application for desktops and mobile apps for Cellphones, tablets, etc.

However, when it comes to uploading and downloading a large of number files from/to OneDrive, it takes a lot of time and eats up all our bandwidth. Earlier the user did not have any control over the data transfer rate in OneDrive and when you have slow connection and share it with other PCs, simple transfer would take hours together. Fortunately, Microsoft has now come up with a feature where we could opt to limit the Upload and Download rate for OneDrive. In this article , let us see how to do that.

Steps to be followed to limit the Upload & Download Rate:

Step 1: Right-click on the OneDrive icon at the bottom right corner in taskbar

Step 2: Click on Settings



Right Click On Cloud


At times, the One Drive icon is hidden so click on the Show hidden icons arrow as shown below and find the icon there.



Hidden Icon



Step 3: In the Network tab,

  1. In the Upload rate section , select Limit to and specify the rate at which you want to upload the files.
  2. In the Download rate section, select Limit to and specify the rate at which you want to upload the files.
  3. Click on OK



One Drive Settings



Tips for efficiently utilizing the available bandwidth :

  • When you are transferring large amount of data, make sure the system doesn’t go to Sleep. If it does, transfers would stop.
  • Try using Ethernet(wired connection) instead of Wi-Fi
  • Try to schedule the transfers when internet is not being used for any other purpose(Streaming, Large downloads, etc)


That’s it. Hope this has been useful.

If you want to Stop Syncing your data to OneDrive Account in Windows 10 , refer to this link for details.