iPhone Screen Clicks on its own, How to Fix

You might wonder why without your notice, some applications and files get opened automatically on your iPhone. Is this the case? This is happening because your iPhone is getting clicked on its own.

We have been getting several reports from different iPhone users mentioning the same issue that they have faced lately. This issue could have been caused because of outdated iPhone software, minor technical faults within the iPhone, some settings being changed unknowingly by the user, etc.

Don’t worry if you are also having a similar issue with your iPhone because we have compiled a set of solutions in the article below.

Try These Fixes Initially

  1. Restart the iPhone Device – iPhone device sometimes contains several minor technical glitches that can create many problems as discussed above in the article. So try restarting your iPhone once and this will remove all the technical glitches and resolve the issue.
  2. Update the iPhone’s software iOS – If you do not install the recent build released by Apple, it might cause such issues and it can be fixed by updating your iPhone’s software by browsing Settings->General->Software Update.
  3. Clean the Display Screen of iPhone – When the display screen of your iPhone has a lot of oily and other dirty stains, this causes the iPhone screen to click on its own due to pressure caused due to the stains. Therefore, we recommend our users try wiping the iPhone screen using a clean cloth.
  4. Remove the Damaged Screen Protector – Even after cleaning the iPhone screen if the issue still remains intact, it could also mean the problem might be due to the screen protector which could be damaged because of obvious reasons. So try removing the screen guard/protector on your iPhone and see if this works.

Fix 1 – Reset All Settings

Sometimes, the user without knowing would tend to change the iPhone settings and forget to revert it back. This can be the cause of this problem. So try resetting all the settings on your iPhone by performing Reset All Settings.

After you have successfully reset all settings on the iPhone, check whether the issue got fixed or not.

Fix 2 – Hard Reset your iPhone

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: After the Settings app appears, click on the General option as shown below.


General settings 11zon 6


Step 3: Scroll down the General page and select the Transfer or Reset iPhone option at the bottom.


Transfer Or Reset Iphone 11zon


Step 4: Now choose the Erase All Content and Settings option as shown in the below image.


erase all content 11zon


Step 5: It will load a pop-up screen on the iPhone.

Step 6: You have to click Continue and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the hard reset process on your iPhone.


Continue erase factory reset 11zon