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  1. Jpr says

    iPadian is really the worst emulator. Actually it does not emulate anything, it is built with Adobe AIR so it only runs web applications. Moreover the App store (the stock Apple store) redirects to a game centre where they are prompting me to buy an Android emulator. Also the free apps app( they say that from there I can download the apps which can run on ipadian) has an error in its coding(WTF, how can they release a product without even debugging it) and so it would would not open, and so I could not download any apps on my ipadian. So this product is really a piece of crap, please don’t go for it.

  2. sspp says

    I found IPADIAN to be one of the worst. It hardly emulates anything. On the top of it when one tries to install games for kids, it asks to buy PRO. Redirects to GameCenter which after buying delivers NOX App player. the NOX app player is not only free but is android emulator and works on windows only.

    This is total cheating and fraud.