How to increase Headphone volume using Equalizer APO in Windows 10 , 11

If you prefer using headphones in your Windows 11 as well as windows 10 computer, you may not always get the desired sound results as you expected. For instance, you may be listening to music or holding a conference call, and you wish the volume was a bit higher. Lower than desired results can always lead to frustration while at work or prevent you from complete entertainment.

However, you can boost your headphone volumes easily following this method. Let’s see how.


Solution: Using The Volume Boosting Software


Step 1: Go to your browser, paste the link as given below, and hit Enter:


Now, click on Download and once download completed, click on the set up file.


Browser Open Link Download Click On Set Up File


Step 2: As the Setup wizard opens, click on Next.


Set Up Wizard Next


Step 3: In the next window, click on I Agree.


Press The I Agree Button


Step 4: Next, remember the path that you see under Destination Folder, and click on Next.


Remember The Path Next


Step 5: Now, click on the Install button.


Click On The Install Button


Step 6: Wait til the installation is over.


Wait Till Installation Completes


Step 7: In the Configurator window, select the headphone that you want to boost. Exit the page.


Select The Headphone That You Wnat To Boost Ok


Step 8: Now, to go to the location where the Equalizer APO is saved, press the Windows key + E together on your keyboard to open the File Explorer. Now, select This PC shortcut on the left, and click on the C drive on the right.


This Pc C Drive


Step 9: Navigate to the location as seen in Step 4 and click to open the Config folder


Go To The Path For Equalizer Apo Config


Step 10: Now, double-click to open the config text file.


Config Double Click To Open


Step 11: Now, edit the decibel to maximum +10 dBto increase the volume for your headphones. Delete the rest of the text.

Try not to go beyond +10 dB as it can be risky for your headphone.


Edit The Decibel To Max +10 Db To Increase Volume Delete The Rest Of The Text


Save the text file and exit. Now, restart your computer for the changes to be effective.


That’s all. Now, your headphones should be much louder to hear.