How to Fix HP Printer Error Code E3 in Windows PC

HP Printers shows the Error Code E3 on the printer display at the event of a carriage jam. This is usually caused by an obstruction in the printer carriage. Apart from this, there can be other reasons that can make the printer show up E3 error code. So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump into the main solution to troubleshoot the issue.

Fix 1 – Clear the obstruction manually

The primary reason behind the Error Code E3 in the printer is the obstruction in the printer cartridge.

Step 1 – Check whether the Cancel button on the printer is still ON or not. If it is, wait for a few seconds until every printing operation is stopped. Turn Off the printer.

Step 2 – Then, disconnect the printer from your computer and the power supply.

Step 3 – Open the door of the printer cartridges.

Step 4 – Look for the printer cartridge carriage. If there are any dust, small printer leftovers, clean it up carefully, without damaging any intricate parts.


printer carraige


Step 5 – If you are using a normal Home printer, don’t forget to check the latch of the printer cartridges.


printer cartridge latches


Step 6 – After clearing the obstructions, go ahead and close the printer door.

Step 7 – Connect the printer back to the system and turn it On.

Test the latch of the cartridge.


Fix 2 – Restart the printer and the system

If the printer carriage is clean and the printer is still showing you the E3 Error Code, restart everything.

Step 1 Plug out the printer USB out from system.

Step 2 – Turn off the printer. Disconnect the printer from the power supply unit as well.

Step 3 – Wait for few minutes.

Step 4 – Connect the printer to your system.

Check whether you are still seeing the Error Code 3 in your HP Printer.


Fix 3 – Use HP Smart to diagnose the printer

HP Smart is the dedicated app for HP printer that you can use to diagnose the printer.

Step 1 – Get the HP Smart from Store.

Step 2 – After downloading it, open it up.


hp smart install min


Step 3 – Now, select the printer you are using.


select the printers min


Step 4 – Click the three-bar button on the HP Smart app.

Step 5 – Tap “Diagnose & fix” to run the printer troubleshooter.


diagnose and fix min


Step 6 –  Tap “Start“.


start it min


HP Smart will automatically identify the issue and fix the issue on it’s own.


Fix 4 – Run the Printer Troubleshooter

This is the official printer troubleshooter. Use it if you still can’t fix the issue.

Step 1 –  Type “printers” in the search box.

Step 2 – Then, click “Printers & scanners” to open that up.


printers and scanners min


Step 3 – You will see the list of printers here.

Step 4 – Then, open that printer settings.


hp printer to open it min


Step 5 Next, get down through the list of the options and click “Run the troubleshooter“.


run the printer troubleshooters min


Step 6 – Wait for the troubleshooter deduct a fix for the printer.

Step 7 – Apply that fix.


apply it min


Step 8 – Tap “Close“.


close it min


Check whether the printer is printing anything or not.

Pro Tip – After going through these rigorous printer checks, if the printer is still showing Error Code 3 or E3, contact HP Customer Support. They can arrange a technician to take a look at the problem.