How To Use US International Keyboard In Windows 10

Every computer has a virtual keyboard, we can change the keyboard layout to match different other languages like American English, Spanish, Japanese, etc. In this article let us see how to change the keyboard layout to US International in Windows 10 system.

Use US International Keyboard In Windows 10

It can be easily done in Settings under Language options. Let us see the step-by-step process.

Step 1: Open Settings using Windows + I keys simultaneously. Click on Time & Language option.




Step 2: On the left pane click on Language and on the right under preferred languages click on English (United States). There appears an Options button click on it.


Language Options


Step 3: Now, under Keyboards click on Add a Keyboard and select United States International. This will be added to your keyboard layout list.


Add Keyboard


Step4: On the task bar, click on your language, then select United States – International. Now, it is been configured in your system and you can use it.


Select Language


That’s it! Hope this article is helpful and you were able to easily change the keyboard layout. Thank you and Happy Reading!!!