iPhone keyboard not showing up: Fix

Can’t access the keyboard on your iPhone? There can be some situations where the keyboard may not show up on your screen, even when you tap the active part of the app. Sometimes this type of bugs appear on the iOS and there are several workarounds that can fix the issue. Without wasting any more time, follow these steps.


Fix 1 – Disable the auto-rotate feature

Sometimes, the keyboard app may disappear when you try to use that in the landscape mode.

Step 1 – Swipe down to access the Control Center.

Step 2 – Disable the “Auto Rotate” function from there.


auto rotate off min


Step 3 – After disabling the auto rotate function, come back to the same screen.

Step 4 – Tap the same part of the screen to reactivate the feature on the iPhone.

Check whether the keyboard is visible or not.


Fix 2 – Turn off the Bluetooth

The keyboard won’t appear on your screen if your iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth keyboard. So, disable the Bluetooth to clear any potential conflicts.

Step 1 – Disable any Bluetooth keyboard or touch input devices that may get connected to your iPhone.

Step 2 – Next, just swipe down and disable the Bluetooth.


disable bluetooth min


This way, you can stop any possibility of interference from an external keyboard.


Fix 3 – Add at least one language keyboard

No keyboard will show up if there are no language keyboards added to the list of iPhone keyboards.

Step 1 – Open the Settings and get to the “General” tab.

Step 2 – Get access to the “Keyboard“.


keyboard min e1714406886175


Step 3 – After opening the Keyboard’s tab, open the “Keyboards” option.


keyboards min


Step 4 – If you can’t see any keyboard, tap the “Add New Keyboard…” option.


add new keyboard min


Step 5 – Search for the keyboard in the search box and add that keyboard to your iPhone.


english min


Step 6 – After adding the keyboard to the list of keyboards, you will return to the main keyboard page.

Step 7 – You have to adjust the precedent of the keyboards on your phone.

Step 8 – Tap “Edit“.


edit the keyboards min


Step 9 – So, hold the bar icon beside the new keyboard to drag it to the top of the chart.

Step 10 – Finally, tap the “Done” button at the right-top corner to save the change.


drag and done min


Return to the same page and retry using the keyboard.


Fix 4 – Disable One-handed keyboard

Disabling the One-Handed keyboard may help you fix it.

Step 1 – In your iPhone Settings, touch the “General” option.


general min


Step 2 – Later, open the “Keyboards” feature.


keyboard min e1714406886175


Step 3 – Open the “One-Handed Keyboard” option.


one handed keyboard min


Step 4 – Switch this to “Off” mode.


off one handed keyboard min


After disabling the One-Handed keyboard mode, you can use the keyboard once again.

Try doing that.


Fix 5 – Reset your iPhone’s keyboard dictionary

When you use the iPhone’s keyboard, the dictionary gets configured. So, resetting the iPhone’s dictionary may help you resolve the issue.

Step 1 – Go to the Settings.

Step 2 – Open the “General” settings, next.


general min


Step 3 – Later, scroll down and tap the “Transfer or reset iPhone“.


trannsfer or reset iPhone min e1715015230538


Step 4 – This time, open the “Reset” option.

Step 5 – Later, tap the “Reset Keyboard Dictionary” feature.


reset keyboard dictionary min


You have to manually verify your access using your Apple ID passcode.

Step 6 Do that and you are through. After that, just tap “Reset Dictionary” option.

reset dictionary min


Once you have reset the keyboard dictionary, you can use the keyboard once again. Type something to test this out.


Fix 6 – Restart the iPhone and check

Still nothing with the keyboard on your iPhone? Just restart the iPhone and check it out. Restarting the iPhone can fix this keyboard issue.

So, just restart the device and retry using the keyboard.


Fix 7 – Reset all the iPhone Settings

Misconfigured keyboard setting may lead to this issue. So, you may reset the iPhone settings to solve the missing keyboard issue.

Step 1 – When you are in the iPhone Settings, go to “General” tab.


general min


Step 2 – Scroll up and access the “Transfer or reset iPhone“.


transfer or reset min


Step 3 – Open the “Reset” settings.

Step 4 – Now, you have to touch the “Reset All Settings” option.


reset all settings min


Hope these fixes your problem!