How to Turn On / Off Vibration For New Mail on iPhone

Email is considered an official way of communication. In a day we might receive many emails. It can be in personal mail id or official mail id. You might need to get alerted for all important emails. If you are a busy businessman or a corporate warrior chances are that you will need to stay on top of your mail communication all the time. The iPhone has this brilliant feature that allows you to enable vibration for new mail alerts. The good news is that iPhone also allows you to customize the vibration tone. You can create your own vibration tone and set it as a notification alert tone.

The Sound & Haptics feature from iPhone allows you to choose from a wide variety of vibration patterns or even create your own pattern as per your liking. The main difference between Sound and Haptics is that Sound alerts are audio-based alerts whereas Haptics is vibration-based alerts that are intended for your hand and wrist. The Sounds & Haptics feature on iPhone is available to play the sounds and vibrations when you receive a call, a text, a reminder, a voicemail, or an email. These are all designed to enhance user experience with an iPhone. This article will focus on email-related alerts. Follow the below steps to enable/disable vibration for new mail.

Turning on the Vibration for New Mail

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select Sounds & Haptics.


Sounds & Haptics Min


Step 3: Scroll down and select New Mail from the options.


New Mail Min


Step 4: Select Vibration at the top of the menu.


Vibration Default Min


Step 5: Select one of the options which are patterns of vibrations.


Quick Vibration Min


Note: In case you want to create a new pattern you will need to follow a different set of steps.

Creating a new Custom Vibration Pattern for New Mail

Step 1: Open Settings, Sounds & Haptics, New Mail and then choose Vibration.


Sounds & Haptics Min


New Mail Min


Vibration Default Min


Step 2:  In the Vibration menu, choose to Create New Vibration under Custom.


Create New Vibration Min


Step 3: Tap on the screen to create a vibration pattern.


Tap Create Pattern Min


Note: The pattern of your tapping will create a new vibration.

Step 4: Once completed please click on Save and choose a name for it.


Save Vibration Min


Note: Now will you see your newly created pattern under the Custom section.


New Vibration Name Min

That’s all folks!! Do you prefer keeping vibration enabled or disabled? Comment and let us know, do you create new vibration tones or use default vibrations. Hope the article was informative and useful. Thanks for reading!!