How to trim videos using windows 10 Photos app

The new windows 10 Photo app lets you trim video. Now, this is a cool feature for a basic windows 10 app. Earlier i used to cut videos either by movie maker or vlc. But now its super easy to trim a video using this app. See the steps below for details.

How to trim videos using Photo app

Step 1 – First of all right click on any video you want to trim and open it with photos app.





Step 2 – In the header of the photos app,┬áthere is a trim icon, click on it as shown below.

Edit Trim



Step 3 – Now, drag the two circular icons as start and end point of the trim.

Step 4 – Finally click on save to save the trimmed video and browse to the location where you want to save the video.



Your trimmed video will be saved to the location you choose in your PC.