How to show or hide Input Indicator and Language Bar in Windows 10

Given that every Windows user would have different preference for the language of input and display, Windows lets you install multiple languages alongwith the applicable keyboard layout if it is available. However it is also seen that many users want to switch between the different languages while using the system. To ease this switch, it is advisable to enable input indicator or language bar so that the switch can be made in a very quick manner.

The following steps will help you to show or hide Input Indicator on Windows 10:

Step 1: Type Taskbar settings in the Windows Search bar. Then click on Taskbar settings from the top of the search results.

Taskbar Start

Alternatively, you could open Taskbar settings through the Run function.

Press Windows key + R and type the following in the Run tab: control.exe /name Microsoft.TaskbarandStartMenu. Then click on OK.


Taskbar Run


Step 2: In the Taskbar settings under the Notification area, click on Turn system icons on or off.

Taskbar System Icons

Step 3: Scroll down to the Input Indicator option and switch the toggle to On.

Input Indicator

Step 4: You will now be able to see the Input Indicator on your Taskbar. When you need to switch the language, simply click on the Input Indicator and select the language you need from the list.

Input Indicator Language Change

If the Input Indicator needs to be disabled, simply switch the toggle to Off in Step 3.

The Language Bar has a similar function as that of the Input Indicator. However the advantage of using a Language Bar is that if you need to separate the Language Bar from the taskbar, the Language Bar can be undocked from the taskbar and placed on the desktop. You may want to do so in order to make the taskbar less cluttered and have better accessibility to the Language Bar.

The following steps will help you to show or hide Language Bar on Windows 10:

Step 1: Type Typing settings in the Windows Search bar. Then click on Typing settings from the top of the search results.

Typing Search

Step 2: Click on Advanced keyboard settings in the Typing settings.


Advanced Keyboard Settings


Step 3: Select the checkbox for Use the desktop language bar when it’s available under Switching input methods.

Use Desktop Language Bar


Step 4: A new option will be pinned to your taskbar. Click on it and select the language you want. To undock the Language Bar, click on Show the Language bar from the list that appears.

Show Language Bar

Step 5: The Language Bar will now get undocked from the taskbar. You can move it to anywhere that you require it to be placed by clicking on the left side of the bar and dragging it.

Undocked Language Bar

Whenever you need to disable the Language Bar, simply uncheck the option marked in Step 3.

By following the above steps, you can now easily switch between different language options as per your convenience.