How to recover files lost after Windows 10 Update 2809

Microsoft released Windows 10 Update 1809 on 2nd October 2018. While the update was supposed to be a major advancement to the operating system, it wasn’t bug free. Many users reported that they lost quite some files from the hard drive.

Microsoft was quick to acknowledge the issue and is working towards a fix. For the time being, they have put the update on hold.

If you have already updated your operating system the following solutions could be helpful:

Solution 1] Use a recovery software to recover lost files

Since the files have been deleted but not moved, they could be recovered using the Recover Personal Files Tool by Microsoft. Download and run the tool to get your lost files back.

Solution 2] Call Microsoft

Microsoft has suggested that users who lost their data due to Windows 10 Update 1809 can contact Microsoft’s support line to recover the same. Here is the list of the company’s Global Customer Service phone numbers.

Solution 3] SFC scan

Other than your personal files, Windows’ system files might have also gone corrupt with the update. An SFC would be helpful in such a situation. Here’s the procedure for an SFC scan.Sfc Scan

Hope it helps resolve the issue!