How to hide Instagram chat on Android phone

Want to hide some specific chats on Instagram so that your friends can’t take a peek? In this article, we have discussed the procedure for hiding chats in your Instagram account. Generally, there is no simple way of hiding some specific chats on Instagram. This trick can be become quite handy to maintain your privacy. So, without wasting any more words, follow these steps to hide the chats on your Instagram account.

How to hide Instagram chats on Android

The main way to hide the Instagram chats on Android is to create a new professional account. Now, whatever the messages you receive in the personal or creator Instagram account, stays in there and doesn’t appear on the other Instagram page.

Step 1 – Launch the Instagram app on your phone.

Step 2 – Then, tap this “” icon in the top corner.

Step 3 – Next tap the “Settings and privacy“.


settings and privacy instagram min


Step 4 –  If you now scroll down enough, you shall get to the “For professionals” pane. Tap “Account type and tools“.


account types and tools min


Step 5 – On the Account type and tools page, tap “Switch to professional account” option.


switch to professional account min


This will commence the professional account building process.

Step 6 – So, tap “Continue” and follow through the steps to complete the process.


go to continue min


Step 7 – There are several steps where you just have to choose a random option. Like when you are prompted ‘What best describes you?’, choose any profession you want (like Digital Creator, Writer).

Step 8 – Then, touch “Done” to complete that step.


writer select done min


Step 9 – Now, you have to input your phone number/email. If it is already verified (usually that it is), you can go to the proceed to the next.


phone nextg min


Step 10 – Give an account name, password of your choice. Tap the “Continue without syncing contacts” option.


continue without syncing contacts tap min


Step 11 – Finally, choose “Creator” in the Are you a business page.

Step 12 – Then, tap “Next” to proceed to complete the procedure.


creator next min


Now, there are 6 steps that you need to complete to switch a personal account to an professional one. These are those steps –

Complete your Profile
Get inspired
Grow your audience
Introduce yourself
Explore tools and insights
Tell us your goals

These steps are nothing but usual posts, following some individuals, etc.

Step 13 – So, if you want, you can complete those steps one-by-one.


complete the setup min


That’s it!

All the news messages should arrive in the Primary tab. You can transfer some specific chats to the General tab or vice versa.

Step 14 – To do this, open the Messages in the Instagram app.

Step 15 – Select and hold the specific chat header in the chat list for a few seconds.

Step 16 – Then, tap “Move to general” in the context option.


move to general min 1


This will transfer the chat to the General theme.

After this, all the messages that you receive in the Professional account, won’t reflect in your personal account.