Fix We can’t find your camera Error in Windows 10 0XA00F4244 [Solved]

All the Windows 10 computers come with Windows Camera app preinstalled, which is capable of accessing the computer’s camera (integrated and external, both). Using this app. You can capture images and videos. This is a great app to use your computer’s camera for different functions other than video chatting. But, unfortunately, this app has a bug and it tends to stop working sometimes. Many Windows 10 users have reported getting an error when trying to start the app. The error message states that the camera can’t be started or it’s missing, along with the error code 0XA00F4244 (0X80070005). What is the reason behind this error? How to fix this? Don’t worry. We have all the answers. This problem, in most of the cases, has been reported by users after updating their Windows 10. The update could be a major one or just a security update. Also, the users have reported that they were able to access their computer’s camera using third-party apps such as Skype, but not using the Windows Camera app. This clears up the doubt about the hardware issue. So, how can we fix it then? Follow the methods mentioned below to fix the issue. Fix Error We Can’t Find Your Camera in Windows 10As it is clear that the issue is not with the hardware, we will have to try a few things to fix the software problem. Follow these methods one by one, until the problem is solved.

Solution 1 –  Allow the Apps to use Camera

In Windows 10, the user can control other apps from using the camera. If this restriction is ON, this could also lead to the error We Can’t Find Your Camera. Follow these steps to make sure the apps are allowed to use the camera.

Step 1. Click on the start button and then click on gear shaped icon to open settings.


Settings Gear Min Min


Step 2. Type Webcam in the search bar at the top. Select Camera Privacy Settings from the results.


Open Camera Privacy Settings


Step 3. Now, make sure Let’s apps use my camera hardware is switched to ON. If it’s not, turn in to ON.


Turn On Camera


Now turn on the camera app and check if the issue is fixed. If not, follow the next method.

Solution 2 – Reinstall Camera Drivers

If none of the previous methods worked for you, try this method. This is one of the easiest fixes. You simply need to uninstall your computer’s camera drivers. Don’t worry, you won’t have to search for the camera drivers. The system will automatically install the driver after restarting the computer. Here’s how to perform this method.


Step 1. Right-click on the Windows logo or Start button and select Device Manager.

Open Device Manager


Step 2. Expand Imaging Devices or Cameras. If you can’t find Imaging Devices, look for Sound, video and game controllers and expand it. Right-click on your camera’s name and select Uninstall Device.


Uninstall Camera Driver


Step 3. The last step will open a dialog box. Mark Delete the driver software for this device and click OK.


Uninstall Camera Driver 1

Step 4. Restart your computer.


The system will automatically install the camera drivers after restarting. Check if this fixes the problem. If not, try the next method.

Solution 3 – Reset Camera App

Follow the steps to reset your camera app.


Step 1. Press Windows logo key + R to open Run.


Step 2. Copy-paste the following address into Run dialog and press Enter.


 Reset Camera App Run

Step 3. The last step will open a folder. Here you need to delete the content in this folder. Select all the content in the folder by pressing Ctrl + A and then press Delete.


Step 4. Restart your computer.

This should fix the error We Can’t Find Your Camera.

Solution 4 – Using Registry editor

1. Press Windows key + R to open run.

2. Now, click on regedit to open registry editor.

Regedit Run Min


3. Now, go to the following path in registry edior.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform

4. Now in the right side , do a right click on empty area and choose new DWORD 32 bit value .

Dword32bit Min

5. Name this EnableFrameServerMode

6. Change its value data to 0.

Enableframe Server Mode Min

7. Close the registry editor.

8. Restart PC.

Solution 5 – Disable or Uninstall Antivirus (Third-party)

Third-party antivirus, firewalls, antimalware applications can sometimes interfere with the system’s stock software. This could be the reason behind the error. To check if the antivirus is causing the problem, simply disable or uninstall it and restart your computer. Check if the problem is fixed. If not, follow the next method.


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